• Clues from Family Photos

    May 21

    Using old family photographs just might provide important clues to our ancestors’ lives. Sometimes you think just having a photo of your great grandmother is enough but you might have overlooked some clues in that photo to better date the photo and to provide personal information. You might learn what they liked or what their jobs were...


  • Photos from Family Hometowns on eBay

    May 19

    You might be checking eBay listings for any photos available relating to your family lineage. If you locate some you have scored a major hit. However, how about also searching on eBay for photos of the family hometown – any time frame. Many people did keep photo albums of either postcards or photos they took or purchased of their hometo...


  • Ideas for Scanning Family Photos

    May 15

    Having your family photos digitized is more relevant than ever due to the hurricanes and natural disasters that might strike anyone – anytime. If pictures are scanned and uploaded to the cloud, placed on a disc, flash drive or external drive and placed in a safe location you can save those photos for decades. Remember to get scanned negativ...


  • Newspapers Across the States

    May 11

    Using vintage or even more current or recent newspapers from home states and counties of your ancestors are very invaluable. Especially decades ago, it was very common in medium-sized and smaller towns and counties to place all types of information in the newspaper about its citizens. Never pass up checking neighboring counties or areas th...


  • Do Not Let This Happen

    Mar 31

    The family collection of vintage photos is very valuable and not replaceable. Yet, you may think you are caring for these treasure family photos when in truth you may be letting anyone of the following damaging events happened right now to those photos / slides / negatives. Review the list and make sure you do not let this happen. Keep away from e...


  • Photos

    Mar 25

    Another often overlooked resource for photos of family members is the Memories. Someone could have posted a vintage photo for their family tree and there just might be a tie-in to your family. Once you are signed in to, you can do a search on your ancestor’s name or surname by clicking on “Find” in the toolb...


  • You Are Not Living Your Grandparents’ Lives

    Mar 17

    As you put together stories and points of interest about your ancestors, especially your grandparents and great grandparents, a good comparison to add were their daily life events that were very common for your ancestors to do that you today have no concept or experience in. It does help future generations see how life has changed and some things ...


  • Using Facebook Sites for Surnames

    Feb 19

    There are thousands of social media Facebook Site centered around one or more related family surnames. Many are focused on a specific location or time frame. Here is a listing to help search for any that may be related. For example the Larkin and Hubbard Family of Buffalo, New York. Imagine you had seen the surname Hubbard in some of your research...


  • Finding Forgotten Photos

    Feb 17

    You can get frustrated when trying to locate any images of some of your ancestors. You have checked with other relatives, to see what they have, but you may need to go beyond. Unfortunately, people cleaning out estates sold off vintage family photo albums. Using the online site 'Lost Faces' may be of some assistance. They have collected many vinta...


  • Never Use a Baggie

    Feb 3

    You are organizing your family documents, diaries, photos, journals and other records. You think they should be in a sealed plastic bag to protect from moisture and dirt. Well, think again. More damage can actually be caused by sealing family heirlooms in a cheap plastic bag. As it turns out paper items, photographs, film, and tape are all made f...