• Kansas Glass Negatives

    Aug 23

    Finding the lost and forgotten photos is great. There could be untold treasures in such a find. Located at the Fort Hayes State University in Kansas is such a collection. However, these are not ordinary photos but rather glass plates negatives. They were from the William R. Gray Studio in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas. What makes these even bet...


  • Postcards – Lancaster Co, England 1901-1911

    Aug 17

    In the central western portion of England is the county of Lancaster. Many families over the decades lived in Lancaster in cities like Manchester but eventually immigrated to America especially in the early years of the 20th century. Lancaster University has made available online for Free a large collection of about 1,000 postcards either of place...


  • Labeling Scanned Images

    Aug 11

    If you have not to date, set aside time to start scanning or finish up scanning those priceless photos of your family, now is the time to prioritize that plan. By scanning you will have a permanent digital image in addition to the actual photograph. Those digital images can be copied easier and shared via email or a disc or a flash drive or cloud s...


  • City of London Over the Years

    Aug 9

    Collage is one of London’s finest picture archives managed by London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), it provides free online access to over 250,000 images of London, England from the collections at LMA and Guildhall Art Gallery. These 250,000 photographs, prints and drawings as well as over 1,000 maps from the collections at LMA are available to vie...


  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 1940s Photos

    Aug 5

    It is so great to discover a treasure, in this case hundreds of photos / negatives of people, places and events in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1940s. The family of photographer John Glanton found a treasure trove of images from the Twin Cities of the late 1940s, particularly the African-American community and other people and events (such as para...


  • Adding Color to Black-White Photos

    Aug 3

    What did your ancestors look like in color?? We are so familiar with color photos for recent decades and yet we love having any photos available of our ancestors from the 1950s and earlier, even if they are black and white or with a sepia tone. Imagine now seeing those same vintage B/W photos colorized.  Start by clicking on this free and easy to...


  • Flickr- Photos & Ephemera

    Jul 25

    The online site of Flickr is a photo sharing site. It has many current images but also many vintage photos, some you may have never seen before. When you know an ancestor's hometown, you can use Flickr to see what images of that ancestral hometown might be available. There could be postcards, photos, advertisements, maps, brochures, letters, etc. ...


  • Nebraska Sources

    Jul 21

    The state of Nebraska was the territory area where many settlers from the eastern coast of the United States and from foreign lands came in the 1800s to start a new life. You may have had ancestors who were part of the wagon trains of adventurers headed for the territory in the late 1840s or came after it was officially a state in 1867. Homesteader...


  • Make a Short Video from Photos

    Jun 5

    It is great to create a story of an ancestor or of a specific family branch. Using the '' online software, you can do it easily. Use family photos to make a short video on any person, event or subject can be quite creative and fun. The 'Spark.Abode' site can assist you all the way, helping to add special graphics, creating a web sit...


  • Clixta App Lets You Upload, Store, and Share Photos

    Jun 3

    There are a variety of apps to choose from that enable you to post your family photos online. Ultimately, you have to pick the one that is best for your needs. Clixta is a family photo sharing app that is working with Copyright Hub. Clixta is a photo sharing network that is completely focused on the past. It provides a simple and fun way to shar...