• Family Bible as a Resource

    May 31

    Before county-state records were officially recorded for births-marriages and deaths, these records were kept in the churches. However, if a person was born at home, not have a baptismal, married by a circuit rider, or buried in a family graveyard, there might not be any church records. Yet, most every family households (even non-religious ones) ha...


  • Photos – You Didn’t Think to Look Here??

    May 23

    Photographic images of our ancestors are priceless. They really provide some insight to the relative, not just a name and date. Seeing how they dressed, if they were holding any special object such as book, who else was in the photo, whether it was taken in a studio or outside their home or business ... all which gives a little more details about t...


  • NYC-Ellis Island Photos–1902-1913

    May 17

    The famed Ellis Island was not the only arrival port for immigrates. There were entrances in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans as also major ports. Even before Ellis Island opened in 1892, there was in New York, Castle Garden, an entrance for 11 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892. The New York Public Library does have a collec...


  • Beginning Points

    Apr 19

    Starting your family history research can seem like a monumental task. You may have even attempted it a few years ago and then let it slide. Well, start fresh and know you can find out things about your relatives you never dreamed of. You do have to have patience. Begin by gathering what you had collected earlier. If you hadn't started, see if a...


  • Sort – Organize Family Photos

    Apr 17

    You might have been given the collection of family photos, some may even date back to the mid-1860s. Or another relative has such a box full, but has never organized them. Either way, you or working with the other relative do need to make the time to sort and organize and hopefully label that collection. If you wait it only gets harder. So work on...


  • How to Get Younger People Interested in Genealogy

    Apr 11

    All ages find they really enjoy searching and learning about their ancestors once they get started. This true of younger people, say those under age 30. So here are some ways to spark the genealogy 'bug' in the younger folks. Find just one or two characteristics to the younger person what was also a characteristic of an ancestor. Such as any arti...


  • Images of America

    Apr 7

    One of the best items to have with your family history is about the hometown where the family lived and worked. You might already have some family photos showing the main street, the shop owned by the grandfather or the house the family lived in. Another source is to search for postcards of these hometowns, found in flea markets, eBay auctions, pos...


  • Genealogical Standard of Proof.

    Mar 31

    When doing your family history research you look for primary vital records. Those are the birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers and death certificates official filled out at the time of each event by a government agency. These are also known as primary sources, the best for getting accurate information of names, places and dates. K...


  • Online Help with AncestorCloud

    Mar 19

    AncestorCloud is a new community and social marketplace for family discovery. This genealogy website not only connects you with professional genealogists to help with your research, but also a community of other family historians in over 52 countries who are available to lend a helping hand. Community researchers can pick up records, take local p...


  • Create a Genealogical Will

    Mar 11

      If you have any type of collection of family photos, history, documents, journals, letters, vital records or written family history, you will want to see that your surviving family knows your wishes as to what happens to those items. If you have a family member who has already requested to take over those records and photos after your death...