• Sticky Backs and Photo Booth

    Feb 19

      It is the early 20th century and in England a fellow named Spiro Grossi, from Brighton, England, was a young man in his 20s whose occupation was that of a 'Photographic Printer' in Liverpool. He then moved to Manchester, where Grossi operated two photographic studios, one at 5 Marsden Square, the other at 84 Market Street. He developed th...


  • Mourning Jewelry and Others

    Feb 17

    In the last half of the 19th century, our ancestors then practiced a popular method of remembering the departed relatives and in a way forever keeping them with the living. It was the custom for decades to have some form of mourning jewelry or art form. In the 21st century it might be a bit morbid, but for our ancestors it was very important to the...


  • Scanning those Photos

    Feb 15

    There are several different types of photo scanners available on the market, so select one you can easily use. If you get a flatbed style, then if a photo is in an album that can't be removed, then you can still scan it in the album. The portable scanners do work quickly, scanning many photos in a short time, but works with single photo at a time, ...


  • Organize Family Photos With Flickr

    Feb 8

    It can be difficult to organize family photos. Where should you begin – with the oldest photos, or the newest? What criteria should you use when sorting your photos into albums? How can you easily share your collection of photos with family that lives far away? Flickr might help you solve some of these problems. Flickr is an online photo websi...


  • Collections from New York City Library

    Jan 27

    The New York Public Library has a vast array of collections, now made digital. The categories range from NY World's Fair 1939-40; photos of the city 1931-1942; atlases of NYC; street views of New York; a collection of the front of doors in the city; NY World’s Fair of 1964; construction of the subway; art photos from the NY Museum; the East Riv...


  • Your Ancestor’s Profile

    Jan 25

    As you gather information on your ancestors, building the family tree, it is a great adventure ever so often to focus on just one ancestor or a married couple. Here you really go in depth to learn everything possible about a specific ancestor. You would be creating a detailed profile. So how do you begin? If you have the basic known information ...


  • New York City 1930s in Photos

    Jan 17

    Seeing photos of the places our ancestors lived, worked and spent their lives is always fascinating. Additional photos taken during the 1930s for New York City are now available online with the New York Public Library Digital Collections.   These are some wonderful black and white photos of all types of places, businesses and streets. If you ha...


  • National Hat Day

    Jan 15

    Today, January 15th is the unofficial recognition of people wearing hats. It is not done as much as once, when it was the only acceptable thing to do for men and women. Of course, there are many reasons over the decades our ancestors wore hats. Hats may be worn for safety and protection, religious reasons, ceremonial reasons, warmth or fashion...


  • FamilySearch Adds a Memories Gallery

    Jan 14

    FamilySearch, one of the most popular genealogy websites, frequently adds new resources and tools that its users can utilize. One of the more recent additions is a Memories Gallery. It was designed to enhance how genealogists add, organize, and view pictures and other artifacts from their family tree. FamilySearch, as you may know, is provided a...


  • Twitter. Genealogy related accounts you should be following!

    Jan 11

      There are many different types of social media sources that can assist in your family history research -- Facebook, Message Boards and also Twitter. Here are some fantastic genealogy-related Twitter accounts you can follow for additional help and motivation.  Follow our advice blog, tips on genealogy, and tips for building...