• New Year – New Goals for your Family Tree

    Jan 5

      With the beginning of 2016, it is great to look over what you have and what you still need to do about collecting and putting together information. Look over the following 5 Goals to see what you may not be doing: 1. Locate a 'Surname' genealogical research group online - usually Facebook is a good place to start. You would immediately ha...


  • Genealogy Hound

    Dec 21

    It is always great to locate an online site with a collection of genealogical resources. One to look at is 'Genealogy Hound.' It has family biographies, surnames, county maps, plus a growing collection of photos and postcards. It is easy to search, using the search box. Explore using a surname or a hometown or home county name. Use also the tab ...


  • Old New York City in Photos

    Dec 13

    This is a very unusual map done by 'Old NYC' site for the NY Public Library. Here is a map, laying out the city streets and locations. All over are red dots, indicating where there are vintage photos of that exact location. Actually there are some 80,000 photos, covering between 1870s-1970s. Use your mouse to move about on the map to find a spec...


  • Edit Those Vintage Photos

    Nov 25

    The perfect time with the holidays to go over family photos. Have everyone check what they have and to bring them to the family gatherings. Use originals rather than copies. Scan the photos, making them 200-300 DPI in resolution and in size about 1000 pixels. Just look as you scan then save each photo, it will show what settings are available. D...


  • Holiday Season Gift Ideas. Family History.

    Nov 7

      Yes, with November and then December, you might be starting to think of holiday gifts. For anyone on your list who is doing any type (large scale or small) of family history research -- the following are some good ideas. These gifts would be great for you also. Drop a few hints. Number one would be a portable scanner. There are several typ...


  • Photos of America – 1935-1945

    Oct 25

    Eighty years ago, 1935, America was still in the Great Depression era. Ten years later, 1945, the country was just coming out the second World War. Such tragedies for many of your ancestors to suffer through. Yale University along with the Library of Congress have put together over 170,000 photos and made them digital producing the site Photogr...


  • Postcards – Seeing in the Past

    Oct 13

    At the Lake County, Illinois Discovery Museum are the Curt Teich Collection of postcards from 1897 to 1978. Teich Archives have over 400,000 postcards of more than 10,000 towns and cities in Canada and United States along with many foreign countries. It includes the largest collection of numerous locations along the famous United States Route 66, t...


  • Google Tricks

    Oct 7

    On the Internet, a search engine is essential. The most well-known and maybe most used is 'Google'. There is even now the saying; 'Just Google it'. To be more effective in your searching for your family history, here are a few tips or ideas to use the search engine more efficiently. Maybe you need to find a specific phrase or saying, first use q...


  • Using the “Find”

    Oct 5

    The free site has made it very easy to search for any photos, documents or stories contributed by other family history researcher which is housed at the FamilySearch database, 'Find'. The simplest method is using their search box and placing a surname. True you will have to look through many listings with just a surname, but thi...


  • Interesting ‘Back’ Photos

    Sep 13

    As you have gone through family vintage photos, you may have found but didn't stop to realize an unusual and interesting type of photos. It became very popular, as photography methods improved, to have a portrait or other general photo taken with one or more of those in the shot with their back the primarily focus in the photograph. It may have...