• Finding Family Heirlooms – Where?

    Sep 9

    Family heirlooms can get misplaced or scattered to other locations due to estate sales, garage sales, items packed away or relatives moving to other areas. To find some of those treasured heirlooms, here are a few places to look. Take the time to go through coats, jackets, pants hanging in the closet or packed away. Look in the pockets, an item ...


  • A Voice with Every Story

    Aug 31

    With putting your family history together you have created a lasting and permanent record to be shared and enjoyed throughout the decades. But something is missing. The family story is not just names, dates and photos -- there are numerous stories with each individual, family branch or surname. The creators of 'EveryStory' have made that possibl...


  • Did You Bother to Ask??

    Aug 23

      One of the main genealogical tools overlooked is asking living relatives about themselves and the other relatives / ancestors they have known over the years. True, memories can get a bit hazy over the years and there could be some wrong information given, but it is a wonderful starting point or a way to look in another direction on the fami...


  • Google Photos Offers Unlimited Storage

    Aug 6

    It is a good idea to make digital copies of your family photos. The digital copy gives you an easy way to post the photo online, and acts as a back-up if the original photo is lost or damaged. Where are you going to store all your digital photos? One solution is Google Photos. They are offering unlimited storage. Google Photos is the replacement...


  • Occupational Clothing

    Jul 29

    Sometimes in your research on family members you might not think of the type of clothing they wore at their job. Many would wear the style fashionable of that decade. However, many did have to wear special outfits for what they did as a occupation -- even the ladies. Decades ago some of those outfits were a bit outlandish for the times. The follo...


  • Tree of Weddings

    Jul 25

      Someone in the family about to be married? Is there a big wedding anniversary coming up soon? Here is a gift idea that will be appreciated by anyone. Create a 'Tree of Weddings'. It is the family tree idea using photos of couples on their wedding day. Now that can prove to be a challenge, gathering all the needed photos. Even if it is not ...


  • Massachusetts ‘Dough-boys’

    Jul 19

    The term 'dough-boy' goes back to the Mexican-American War of the 1840s and referred to young men who left their schooling to join the Army and later had dust (like flour dough) all over them from marching in the dry lands of Texas into Mexico. It became very popular term to refer to any soldier in the Army or in the Marines during World War I. B...


  • Family Reunion ‘Musts’. 8 Creative Ideas.

    Jul 7

      Need ideas for this summertime -- well it is a great opportunity to arrange a family reunion. It doesn't have to super large, it could even be a certain family branch. Whichever family members are invited is up to the host. The most important item is to do certain activities while you or the host has everyone gathered in one spot. First, s...


  • Photos Around the Globe

    Jul 1

    The online site of 'Fortepan' has a collection of over 51,868 photos from around the globe and dating back to the late 1890s and early 20th century. Any of the high resolution photos can be downloaded to your computer. There are descriptions along with a time frame for each. The variety is tremendous of images of buildings, streets, rural areas...


  • Old New York Locations in Photos

    Jun 19

    Step back in time and be able to pinpoint a specific street address in any of the boughs of New York and have appear photo (s) of that location over the years. They are from images held by the New York Public Library - Old NYC. Where known information beside the street address is known such as a date or other information, it is listed. What a tr...