• Ideas for Less than a Half-Hour

    Apr 13

      Need some ideas of how to further your family history research yet you can only share less than 30 minutes every few days or even once a week. The following are some ideas of simple and quick mini-project you can do in a very short period of time. If you do one a week there will be major advancement in your research.   One grea...


  • Ohio Born and Bred

    Apr 11

    The Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio have joined forces to place online a massive collection of documents, records and photos, known as Ohio Memories, relating to Ohio. If you ever had an ancestor who was born, lived, or worked in Ohio you will want to review this site. The selection of categories include manuscripts, docum...


  • TRY TO DO List for Family Researchers

    Mar 30

    We all have so many projects and activities to complete each month. When we set aside time to work on our family tree, we can make a lasting contribution to knowing our ancestral lineage and more about those relatives who helped get us where we are today. It can help to set up a list of things (most beyond the time spent in researching) to try...


  • Creative Ways to Display Your Ancestors

    Mar 24

    Doing the research to gather information on one's ancestors can be difficult and does take time. However, when you are ready to display some of your findings, you can become very creative. Of course always have the tree on paper in its basic outline form. Having it on a software program for genealogy with you computers is also a great idea. Y...


  • Philly – What a City !

    Mar 4

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known as Philly has a long history dating back to the colonial period. So there well can be many of your ancestors who lived and worked in and around the city of Philadelphia. It was also a major entrance for immigrates first arriving in America. The Philadelphia City Archive has one of the country's largest municipal...


  • Americana ETC.

    Feb 24

    If you have ever had the opportunity to explore through your grandparents' attic, old photo albums, family steamer trunks, a box filled with vintage letters, etc., then you had the chance to see the documents and personal possessions that were important enough to your relatives to be saved. For those with ancestors who have lived in the United Stat...


  • Civil War Photos

    Feb 22

    With the the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War (1861-1865), people are infatuated with finding as much information as possible. They are interested not only in the events, battles, people, Lincoln assassination, etc. during those years, but mostly learning if they had any relatives involved with the war directly related or part of the ex...


  • Images, Events, Products Across the Decades

    Feb 20

    Nothing assists a family historian more than images. However it does not need to be photos or drawings of just one's ancestors. Of course, that alone is super valuable, but so is their life and times. Using illustrations, drawings and photos of the places, events, activities, sports, work, social, businesses, towns, etc. that directly affected ou...


  • Winter Time Photo Scanning

    Feb 8

    This just might be the opportune time to get some scanning of the family collection of photos done. If you have put it off in the past, make the time now before you discover there is nothing left to scan. Even if you have many of the images already scanned there still might be the ones you skipped over earlier or new ones you have acquired in th...


  • Archives with Georgia State University

    Feb 4

    In the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia is Georgia State University with its Library Digital Collections. It has online a variety of manuscripts, photos, documents and records for anyone with family ties to the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Many resources also apply to anywhere in Georgia. One of the best collections are the photos from t...