• African-American Genealogy

    Feb 2

    Using this free online database titled 'Afriquest' with multiple types of records can be quite a resource for those looking into ancestors of African-American heritage. Much of the scanned documents, records and images come are shared by fellow researchers. The type of records and images are not just individual families, but also include collec...


  • Smithsonian Images

    Jan 31

    The Smithsonian Institute has made available 36 major sets of images from their massive collection. The topics covered are as varied as the Smithsonian Museum is itself. Each set is in a folder, label with a title and how many images in each set. Some of the more intriguing topics are Timothy H. O'Sullivan, who first worked with Matthew Brady, t...


  • Vast Archive Collections in State of Washington

    Jan 27

    Luckily for the family history researcher many of the treasures held by individual state archives are going online to be shared around the world. The State of Washington has quite a varied collection of items open to all to view.  On the site a listing titled “Digital Collections” with a description can be read as you scroll down with about 14...


  • Panoramic Photographs

    Jan 21

    There is nothing like soaring over an area to get that 'bird's eye view'. That experience is very possible in an airplane, hot air balloon or glider. However, to have that aerial view of a hometown, city or area say in 1920 or 1900 or 1890 is impossible. The Library of Congress Panoramic Photographic Collection does offer that experience in imag...


  • Washington State Databases

    Jan 11

    The State of Washington has a very complete series of databases for researchers to use. Viewing the homepage note all the listings on the left side. There are records referring to military, census, land, court, licenses, cemeteries, institutions and so many more. Some of the most popular are the birth, marriage, death, nationalizations and photogra...


  • Photos of Pioneer North Dakota

    Jan 5

    Pioneer life out on the open plains was never easy. Many of our ancestors may have been those early homesteaders to the territory and then state of North Dakota. The North Dakota State University Library in Fargo has a great photographic collection of those pioneer days. Using these images you see better what pioneer life was like, their sod hou...


  • Menus and Photos 1851 to 1930

    Dec 30

    In a past Genealogical Blog, I had written about cruise lines, railroad and airlines menus and locating them online in a digital format. The New York Public Library has an even greater collection of menus from restaurants, hotels, banquet rooms all over New York and other locations – also in digital format. It is the Miss F...


  • Photos & Documents from Kansas

    Dec 26

    The 'Sunflower' state of Kansas is in the heart of the United States. Its name comes from the 'Kansa' Native Indians. However many different Indian tribes lived on these great plains. The hunting of the plain's bison was the core of their existence. In 1854 the US government opened up the Kansas land for settlers. It became a state of the Union i...


  • Family Photo Albums & Hometowns

    Dec 24

    A perfect opportunity to identify photos in family albums is during the holiday week when you can visit with relatives. Never attempt to label all the photos, but even a handful will help you later in some additional research. If you are going to a relative's house and they don't have any family photos and you do, bring them along. Share them with ...


  • Images of Old San Francisco

    Dec 22

    The San Francisco, California Public Library has online a large historical photographic collection of the city by the bay. These images starting around 1850 come from cabinet cards, lantern slides, photo albums, postcards, panorama, glass negatives, stereograph and general scenes of San Francisco and California subjects. There are about 40,000 of t...