• Cushman Photos and Slides 1930s to 1972

    Dec 18

    It is nice to come across a large collection of photos that cover or represent a certain region or time period. Photos are the best method to get an idea of how our ancestors looked, dressed, their activities and what their state, region or community looked like at a certain time period. The Indiana University Archives – Digital Library Progra...


  • United Kingdom Postcards

    Dec 10

    The sending and receiving of postcards became a very popular activity for people around the globe beginning in the 1870s and especially by the late 1880s and into the 1910s. The postcards were not just sent while one was traveling, visiting other places, but also just as a method to share scenes of what their own hometown or region looked like. Ph...


  • Edit Those Photos–Simple Method

    Dec 6

    It can be very helpful to have a simple photo editing software whenever an old or recent photo needs something special. You may not think to touch up, fix up, enhance any of your old vintage family portraits, but sometimes those are the ones that need that special touch up. Scanning the image is the first step. If you do not have a scanner, yo...


  • Gallery of New York City Photos

    Dec 2

    The grand city of New York City has a fabulous history and many of our ancestors either arrived first to the port of New York, made the city their home, traveled to the city, served in the military or had business dealings there. So this is an important location to see what ties our ancestors may have had with New York City. Besides the family co...


  • New Orleans Research

    Nov 6

    The New Orleans Public Library has a massive collection of fascinating records and especially photos online. Most are centered in and around the city of New Orleans, but some of the outlining parishes are also in the collection. If any ancestors had lived in New Orleans, you will want to review this material. There is a general search box at the...


  • National Hat Month-Recognize the Tradition

    Sep 18

    Hats are still worn by men and women, but it was not so long ago that you didn't leave the house without some type of hat on your head, no matter who you were or your occupation. Just like clothes fashion, hats helped depict a time period. Just envision a three-corner hat and right away you think the colonial period just before and after the Ameri...


  • Vintage Scenes of Philadelphia, PA

    Sep 7

    With such an old and established city in American, many individuals may have ancestors who called Philadelphia home. The Free Library of Philadelphia now has online a wonderful collection of photographs in a digital format, making it available on the Internet. One of the earliest photos dates back to 1841. There are several methods to view and ...


  • Time Machine Yourself to 1940

    Sep 1

    With the available use of all the U. S. Census records on from Aug. 29 – Sept. 3, 2012, this is a wonderful opportunity to have a little fun with a very special 'time machine' that has made available for anyone to use. Just by following their simple directions, it can transform you back in time to what a typical day ...


  • The Faces of Child Labor

    Aug 19

    It is hard to imagine that for decades in America and other countries, children served as a major backbone to much of the work done on farms, in coal mines and factories.  Your ancestor may well have been a part of that massive group.  It was not uncommon for children at age 10 and up working, not attending school, to help support the family inco...


  • Scenes of England 1919 to 1953

    Aug 17

    Photographs are wonderful for showing us decades later what our ancestors looked like, how they worked and where they lived. It is not as good as a video or actually being there, but as near perfect as possible. There is now available online a massive collection of aerial photos of the English and surrounding landscapes, taken between 1919 and 1...