• Penny Postcards From All States

    Aug 15

    Long before the use of emails and texting, the popular way to communicate was with letters.  With the development improved printing methods on cardstock, the postcard became a very popular method of sending greeting to friends and family. Writing a note on a postcard was always short and had already some humorous, lovely or cheering printed messag...


  • Any ‘Southpaw’ in the Family?

    Aug 13

    This might just be one of the hardest family traits to confirm on your family tree, an ancestor who was left-handed. One of the major reasons was for years, a child who started using only his left hand to pick up items, to eat or even eventually learn to write with his left hand was highly discouraged.  Instead they were forced to use only their r...


  • What’s New in New Brunswick, New Jersey?

    Jul 30

    That is a lot of ‘new’ for anyone. However, that is what is happening online with the New Brunswick Public Library by placing all types of historical and genealogical collections online.  You wouldn’t necessarily need to have an ancestor from New Brunswick, or the county of Middlesex, it could be anywhere in New Jersey or even nearby New Yor...


  • Photos of Boston and Around

    Jul 18

    Just coming online and available for everyone to view is the mesmerizing photographic collection done by Leslie Jones, who worked as a camera man for the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper from 1917 to 1956.  He amassed some 34,000 images of everyday life in the Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas for decades.  He documented all types of ev...


  • Picture Postcards

    Jul 6

    Postcards have been a popular means of sending greetings for decades.  They have not always been just for the tourists on vacation to write back home to say “Wish You Were Here!”.  They have been very artistic and many were done also as photos of the people and places at a certain time. There was a time a person could even have a personal pho...


  • Tips When Searching for an Elusive Ancestor

    Jun 22

    Oh, we all will have one or more elusive, hard to locate ancestors in our genealogical journey. One where you might have a name and their relationship (aunt, uncle etc), but that is about it on information.  For females it can be even more problematical with just their married name and no maiden name known. So the following are a few tips or sugge...


  • Father’s Day

    Jun 16

    No, you didn’t forget dear old Dad.  Father’s Day in the United States is a day to appreciate and let your Dad know you care about him and all the things he does for the family.  He might not be a biological father, in modern families today he could be a step-father, an adoptive father or even a grandfather taking on the father figure, which ...


  • Smile for the Camera

    Jun 8

    Most of us have one or more old family photos, I’m talking very old, dating back to the 19th century. Did you stop to look that no matter who is in the photo or the occasion, that no one is smiling?  First, think about it, neither are any portraits that were painted by artists, before photography became available, is a person smiling. That is be...


  • Old Maids Day

    Jun 4

    There seems to be a holiday or special day to recognize just about anything - so here is one ‘Old Maids Day’ on June 4th.  Where did this particular day get started, well in the United States. So what is an ‘Old Maid’ to have a such a distinctive day?  Many of your ancestors, especially females would readily known what an old maid was ...


  • Connecticut in Pictures and Stories

    May 27

    This state might be small in land size and population, but Connecticut has been at the heart of most of America’s history through its diverse people. A free online collection titled ‘Connecticut History Online’ provides a digital of the land, its resources, its events and people. If you ever had any ancestors from Connecticut for the last 200...