• Create a Family Newsletter

    Jul 15

    A fun way to share family history is by creating a family newsletter.  This need not be a complicated and elaborate undertaking. A newsletter is simply a way to keep family members up-to-date with genealogical research that has been done and what is still being searched. It also provides a platform to keep family members knowledgeable of current f...


  • Historical Photos – The Times of Your Ancestors

    May 2

    The essence of photos is that they help capture a moment in time. That piece of an event, a person, a location is forever 'frozen' in time with just a photograph. Before the wide-spread use of photos in the 1860s, there were some daguerreotypes, but for the most part those historical moments were expressed by illustrations, artwork and drawings. ...


  • Photos and Prints at the Library of Congress

    Apr 16

    The main element that every family historian looks to have in the family genealogy project is photos of ancestors. Next would be images of the family home or farm and then a family business and next the hometown. Each image allows the researcher to step back in time to better understand and appreciate their ancestor's life and the historical events...


  • Genealogy and Family History Photo Organization

    Apr 11

    If you are thinking of starting a heritage album scrapbook, the first step is to organize your photos. I've talked a little bit before about knowing which photos to keep, and which ones to discard. In this article, I'd like to discuss a little about how to organize your photos that you've decided to keep so that scrapbooking can be a lot faster, an...


  • An Ancestor Wall

    Mar 15

    Growing up, my Mom had old family photographs on the wall. Central in those photographs was a glamorous picture of my maternal grandparents. It is interesting to see your "old" relatives in their younger years. I love that photo of them, and have a copy of my own as well. In my husband's home, he had a similar wall. His Mom jokingly called it th...


  • Why Acid-Free in Scrapbooking?

    Feb 22

    When scrapbooking your family history, most people know that they should use acid free materials, but why? What does that even mean? Now, most papers are acid free, but it used to be different. In the early 1900s, it was realized that the chemicals in the papers used were going to eventually break down important documents and photos, and cause y...


  • Don’t Snooze – Back Up Your Computer Family Data

    Dec 12

    Hopefully you have a separate file on your personal computer with the notes, charts, photos, census information and data you have amassed on your ancestors. You could well have it organized into one of the many family history computer software programs; such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, RootsMagic, Reunion 9 and Family Hist...


  • Copyright Laws Genealogical Data

    Oct 18

    As a researcher starts to gather a good deal information and branches to their family tree, they may wonder does all the work remain solely theirs and that no one else can copy it. In fact, is that family pedigree information covered by the United States and international copyright laws? All public records, such as birth-marriage-divorce-death,...