• Videoing Family Stories

    Jul 17

    Oral family history is as old as families themselves. Long before writing, one's traditions and history were passed down to later generations by the telling verbally of family stories. True, many of the family stories become tales or legends over the years and not with all the actual truth that it started with. With writing of family stories, pr...


  • Scapple – Rough Out the Family Story

    Jun 13

    Scribbling -- who hasn't done that?? That is where you quickly write out a phrase, name, term, or short sentence so that will not be forgotten. You may have placed them on scraps of paper and now those are in numerous places and in no order.   Using your computer, there is a British firm which has developed an easier method to keep track of your...


  • With the Kids – Digital Graphic Design

    Jun 5

    With the children out of school, it is a perfect time to try something new and tie-it in with the family history. Using the online site Festisite, you and the kids can create a fun activity using names of ancestors, places they lived, occupations they had, unusual skills, etc. Anything that can be written - just short phrases or words can be put in...


  • State Resources at Allen County Library

    May 27

    The Allen County Public Library is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It has a wonderful genealogical department, one of the best in the country. The collection of databases of information covers just about every state and region of the country. Some of the databases can only be viewed at the Allen County Public Library. However, many are available online (t...


  • Zcan+ – Portable Scanner

    May 22

    With the month of May being National Photographic Month, what better time to scan that box of photos. With digital cameras, then Smart Phones available for years to take photos and have them on your computer right away has been great. But never overlook those treasured photos from just a few years ago before digital and certainly those heirlooms of...


  • April 18th – International Day on Monuments and Sites

    Apr 18

    Every small town, major city, county and state has a vast array of monuments representing some event, a person, an activity -- anything that is important for the present day and future generations to know about and remember. One generally thinks of historical monuments or sites such as battle fields, or a the place where something new began (such a...


  • Scrapbooking Is Family History

    Apr 15

    The word “scrapbooking” may be intimidating to a lot of people. I’m sure people think, “That’s not for me”, or “I can’t do that”. But, if you are interested in Family History, you might just find that you can be interested in scrapbooking too. In my mind, scrapbooking IS family history. Without a doubt. Scrapbooking doesn’t h...


  • New York Philharmonic Images

    Apr 15

    You might think, there really is such a collection? Yes, a large collection of photos of conductors and performers over the decades has now become digital and online. However, not just photos but most of the sheet music and programs performed by the orchestra. The Digital Archives of the New York Philharmonic features images, programs, scores, p...


  • So Cute & So True. Lighthearted Genealogy Sayings.

    Feb 17

    Sometimes placing a little humor about a preoccupation a person has, makes it easier for others to understand that obsession. So the following are just a few lighthearted sayings and observations about all of us who love working on our family tree. A genealogist’s filing system usually incorporates the floor. Genealogists don’t get Alzhei...


  • Organizing Vintage Photos

    Dec 14

    Yes, you might have boxes of old photos, ones handed down through several generations. However, unless they are organization and especially labeled, they are not very useful to the family historian. It will take commitment to achieve such a task of organizing the collection of photos, but once it is finished - you will be so happy. That was one ...


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