• Colonial Philadelphia, PA Land Owners

    Aug 7

    The University of Pennsylvania's University Archives and Records Center has available, FREE online listing of landowners in the West Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area at the time of the American Revolution. The record reflects ownership as of October 1777. Even if your family did not own land in Philadelphia as of 1777, they may have a...


  • Think There is No Difference in Genealogy vs. Family History?

    Aug 4

    Definition: Genealogy - a study of family ancestors with pertinent data such as birth, marriage and death dates. Family History - an in-depth study of a family lineage with greater emphasize and clarification of each ancestor’s life story. Any beginner to genealogy will start with just learning the individuals in the family. Their parents’ f...


  • Archive Indexes – Rutherford Co., Tennessee

    Jul 15

    If you had an ancestors or family branches from Rutherford County in central Tennessee, just southeast of Nashville with the largest city being Murfreesboro, you are in luck. The Rutherford County Archives have online the indexes for B-M-D plus Wills for most of the 19th century and into the first half of the 20th century. It is not a scanned image...


  • Finding Errors in Records??

    Jun 7

    Sometimes it is difficult to locate an ancestor because there could be errors either you have made or that were made when a vital record (birth, marriage, death, deed, military, etc) was created. The spelling of given and surnames is one of the common areas of errors. Many names have quite a few various methods of being spelled and those ways have...


  • Finding Birth Records

    Jun 1

    It can be so helpful to locate a birth record on an ancestor. There would be the full name, date of birth, the place of birth and the parents' names. If you go back many decades there was no governmental (county-state) requirements for recording births. If you are having trouble locating a birth record, here are a few other ideas for coming up with...


  • The ‘Other’ Search Engines

    May 27

    In any type of research and especially when working on your family history, you are very dependent on the use of search engines on the Internet to attempt to locate a document, database, photos, a record, a journal, letters, or book that could provide that little key bit of information missing about your ancestors. Google is always number one when...


  • Free is Good!!

    May 7

    We all look for that small edge that just might open a door or two into our family's past. When there are databases free and open to everyone that is even better. One to check out is Linkpendium. It is not a database by itself but rather links to other databases. It is divided up locations (U. S. states and territories) as well as locations in the...


  • Springtime Organization

    May 5

    Yes, at least once a year, you should spend a little time re-organize (or organizing the first time) your family history files. Here are a few suggestions to help uncluttered what your have. You could have information on individuals that you thought at first were relatives, ancestors on the family tree and you eventually concluded -- they were not...


  • New York City Marriage Records

    May 3

      Now available is the digital index to the New York City Clerk’s Office marriage records (the application, affidavit, and license) covering from 1908-1938. It is free to use and open for public use. The different New York sections available now include Manhattan 1908-1929, Bronx 1914-1917 and Brooklyn 1908-1927. To be added to the digita...


  • Steps in Gathering Those ‘Family Leaves’

    Apr 5

    No one ever stated that creating your family tree would be easy. It does take time and patience. To avoid any major mistakes, which is a big 'no-no' -- review over these various steps or procedures to help collect the right family branches and leaves to form the correct family tree. I always believe, never accept as 100% correct and copy anyone ...