• A Future Letter

    Aug 1

    Doing your family history and the family tree is always looking back in time to what happened and to whom was involved. It is really fascinating to uncover any bit of news or facts about your ancestors, after all, that is how you reached the place you would call home. Yet you can look at it another way, what about in the future, not just w...


  • Christmas Letters and Cards

    Dec 25

    It seems like everything in 2019 is digital, which is good for some things preserved, but there are some handwritten cards and Christmas letters still sent. There is a fear by genealogists and historians that there will be fewer written sources to preserve from the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries than in previous eras. The pre...


  • Love Note Day

    Sep 25

    On Thursday, September 26th, is 'Love Note Day'. A day to tell someone you love them, by writing a message of love in the form of a note. Though the traditional way of doing this is in handwritten form, yet today digital emails are another way of sending out a love message on this particular day. This day can be at its most effective w...


  • An Ancestor’s Unique Talent

    Sep 23

    Having the family tree with a listing of each branches' names, dates and locations is a good way to organize the basic information. Yet, these ancestors were real people with real living lives and most importantly, each had at least one unique skill, talent, special interest or ability. Those unique items may not have made them famous or we...


  • Did You Ask That??

    Aug 15

    Yes, you have interviewed family members, asked the questions about their birth, marriage, schooling, military service, hometown, but there may be a few special questions you didn't think to ask, especially those that only that relative could answer. Here is a sampling of many lesser asked questions but ones that can have some interestin...


  • 50th Anniversary – Walk on the Moon

    Jul 20

    With this date, July 20, 2019, it marks the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon, back on July 20, 1969. With the first American being Neil Armstrong who after 6 hours of landing with Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin in the separate lunar module 'Eagle' on the moon's surface took the first steps on the moon at 10:56 pm. He was known for saying; "That...


  • Related to a Criminal?

    Jun 19

    A study done in 2018 stated that about 113 million American adults (total US population in 2018 is 327 million) have an immediate family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated. This is in recent, modern times, not counting a possible ancestor from the 1800s. It was investigated by the (a criminal justice and immigration reform a...


  • Common Error on a Census

    May 29

    It may not have occurred to you, but you really need to examine each person listed in a household on a US Federal Census. You just might be overlooking a relative. Many census takers placed next to the name of an individual 'boarder' or 'lodger' or 'roomer' when in fact that person was a relative of someone in the household. They might ...


  • Telling the Family Story

    May 27

    It does not have to be a massive job to put together an interesting collection of family stories. The key is to start! First, start the work on your storytelling in smaller chunks will make your project seem more manageable. If you can, set aside a few minutes a day or once a week to write, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day �...


  • Origins of Sayings

    May 7

    Many sayings or expressions used today had a reason for the saying in its beginning. Our ancestors did just say the phrase, it really meant something. See if any of the following you are familiar with and especially if you recall a relative or ancestor using the phrase. Include it and its origin in the family history. There is 'rub you...