• Pre-Post World War II Photos

    Sep 21

    It was the Zionist Federation of Germany in the 1930s had sought to collaborate in the identification, location, and removal of German Jews to Palestine. This caused some 60,000 German Jews in a forced emigration before the start of what would become World War II. Some of your ancestors may have been a part of that emigration. The photographic wor...


  • Family Secrets – What to Do?

    Sep 19

    As you proceed through your family history research, you will already have heard about or even come across what can be called 'Family Secrets'. They were generally the forbidden family subjects, not to be spoken or written about for generations. However, as you work on your family tree, each person should count and not just as a name and date, b...


  • Just Starting? Ideas to Begin your Family Tree

    Sep 17

    That's your new goal this Fall, to begin your family tree? First, realize this will be a long project, years in the making - nothing that can be done overnight. However, the lasting reward will be magnificent, a true family treasure. Key to begin - start with yourself. Have a basic family tree chart (pedigree tree) and place your name, birth dat...


  • ‘Dog My Cats’ & other Phrases

    Sep 1

    Every language and culture develops its own unique terms and phrases. Some such sayings are only used for a period of time, say in the late half of the 19th century, or during the 'Roaring Twenties'. If you did not grow up during such a time frame, if you come across such a phrase you could be lost as to its meaning. This site, 'American Phrases...


  • Add an Ancestor’s Portrait on

    Aug 29

    The term 'Portrait Pedigree' is the newest addition to It is a method in a vertical format to add portraits of your ancestors to the family tree. Nothing finer than having the brief information on an ancestor along with their portrait. The program allows you to switch between those trees with a portrait, the fa...


  • Ways to Inspire Others to Learn their Family History

    Aug 12

    People who are not genealogists aren't always very interested in learning about their family history. Many see the research required as a tedious, time consuming, task. It looks a lot more like “homework” than like something that would be fun. Fortunately, there are ways to inspire people to learn their family history. The trick is to spark the...


  • Videoing Family Stories

    Jul 17

    Oral family history is as old as families themselves. Long before writing, one's traditions and history were passed down to later generations by the telling verbally of family stories. True, many of the family stories become tales or legends over the years and not with all the actual truth that it started with. With writing of family stories, pr...


  • Scapple – Rough Out the Family Story

    Jun 13

    Scribbling -- who hasn't done that?? That is where you quickly write out a phrase, name, term, or short sentence so that will not be forgotten. You may have placed them on scraps of paper and now those are in numerous places and in no order.   Using your computer, there is a British firm which has developed an easier method to keep track of your...


  • Urlist: Organize – Create Lists of Links

    Jun 11

    As you do your research you may come across a specific web site that you find filled with information or photos, one that will take many return visits. So you save the link to that site on your 'favorites' or bookmarks. Good, it is there, but in three weeks when you want to return to it, do you remember the name of the site, can you find it quickly...


  • Decal Surname on Wall

    Jun 9

    Such an idea!! Place on a family room wall, in the kitchen, a dining room, the hall way, above the entrance doorway or arch into the dining room - where ever in your house you would want a permanent family seal. In craft shops and online dealers have numerous vinyl decals, in various colors, shapes, fonts and sizes that can be easily arranged on a ...