• Honoring Parents Day – 4th Sunday of July

    Jul 22

    We all have parents, whether we knew them all our life or not.  Many stepparents or even grandparents have needed to take the place of some biological parents for different reasons.  The 4th Sunday of every July is set aside to honor our parents collectively. This is a national recognized day, not as big as Mother’s or Father’s day, but ra...


  • Collect Ancestral Signatures

    Jun 26

    A really interesting collection to have with your family history are the signatures of your ancestors. Not all of your relatives will have available signatures because mostly they did not know how to read or write. Those are the ones who simply had to sign their name with an ‘X’, known as making their mark, were then witnessed by someone who di...


  • Father’s Day

    Jun 16

    No, you didn’t forget dear old Dad.  Father’s Day in the United States is a day to appreciate and let your Dad know you care about him and all the things he does for the family.  He might not be a biological father, in modern families today he could be a step-father, an adoptive father or even a grandfather taking on the father figure, which ...


  • Old Maids Day

    Jun 4

    There seems to be a holiday or special day to recognize just about anything - so here is one ‘Old Maids Day’ on June 4th.  Where did this particular day get started, well in the United States. So what is an ‘Old Maid’ to have a such a distinctive day?  Many of your ancestors, especially females would readily known what an old maid was ...


  • Why My Ancestors Still Immigrated Even After 1912

    May 15

    I have long thought about how very brave and determined our ancestors were to continue crossing the Atlantic in the months and years immediately after the sinking of the RMS Titanic in April 1912.  When I had acquired the ship manifests on several of my father’s family and when they came to resettle from Lancashire County, England to Essex Count...


  • Mother’s Day Tribute

    May 13

    Sunday, May 10th is celebrated in the United States as Mother’s Day.  It has gotten a bit too commercialized here since it was started as an official national holiday back in 1914 under the direction of President Woodward Wilson. The concept for this special day was begun by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother and other mothers across the countr...


  • Oldest Child or Youngest?

    May 9

    Behavioral science has long been studying the birth order of individuals to learn how different one’s personality and chances of success can be based on whether they were an only child, the first born, middle child or the youngest. Many scientists believe parents treat their children different over a period of years, so resultin...


  • A Blend of Facebook & FamilySearch Sites

    May 5

    Social networking using a computer, tablet, iphone, etc. is the fastest method to connect with people from around the globe.  If you want to link up with people in an ancestral home country, the FamilySearch has made it very easy for you to do so. When doing family history research, you look for surnames, but you also check in depth where a relat...


  • May Day

    May 1

    The first day of May, the date traditionally recognized by many cultures as the beginning of the Spring season. However, there are many other events noted for the first of May, most which comes from other ethnic groups. See if you recognize any of these May 1st celebrations? The traveling circuses around the globe traditionally started their seaso...


  • Write A Vignette

    Apr 25

    First, what is a vignette?  The original meaning is that of  "something that may be written on a vine-leaf". So it does refer to something small and to the point. When there is a written vignette it is short in length, with descriptive scenes that focus on one moment in time.  It can also concentrate on a certain person, event, idea, or setting....