• Long Lost Relatives from Across the Aisle

    Oct 28

    There has been a lot of rather surprising news lately about politicians. No, I am not referring to political scandals, to who is planning on running for office in the next election, or to what an individual's personal political views happen to be. If you are interested in genealogy, the biggest news about politicians lately is their relation to on...


  • Old Letters Lead to Long Lost Relatives

    Oct 27

    It is always exciting to hear a story in the news about a genealogist who has managed to track down their long lost relatives. Imagine, working on your family tree, and having your research lead to living relatives who never knew you existed! It can be infinitely more satisfying to be able to visit with these “new” family members in person t...


  • Discovering Those Elusive Relatives

    Oct 18

    Many hours are expended gathering the names, dates and locations for your family pedigree chart, along with verifying the information. However, there are always a few blanks, those relatives for whom all you know is the name; “Grandpa Frank.” Or worse, you have no name of any form, just a total blank in your lineage. There are also the situatio...