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  • Family Home Movies Day

    Oct 18

    Oh yes - family home movies - whether they are 8 mm, Super 8, 16 mm film, or the old VHS tapes, they can be the most cherished family memories and can not be replaced. It can show a time, event and people that can not be repeated. Some family movies can even date to the early 1920s. However, those memories can be played, relived and shared with gen...


  • Comical Family History Sayings

    Oct 5

    Every hobby or occupation has its funny and humorous sayings -- genealogy (family history) is no exception. Here is a sampling and see how many describe you and your family research to a 'T'. Genealogy is all about 'chasing your tale.' If your family members won’t talk about a particular relative (a black sheep) that means it is really int...


  • Props in Photos – Real Life?

    Oct 1

    When gathering, scanning then labeling your vintage photos, don't always believe everything in a photo, especially those before and just after the beginning of the 20th century. It was quite common to have one's portrait or a group family photo taken by a photographer and props were added. There might be a radio in the scene, but the family didn't...


  • Heart Breaking Photos of 1930s-40s

    Sep 29

    As part of the economic recovery forged by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, professional photographers were sent across the United States to record on photo film the life, events, conditions and spirit of Americans during the 1930s. Since the beginning of the Great Depression, the end of 1929, people across the country had a rough time just putting...


  • Let Me Ask You This, Grandma

    Sep 27

    Stop - Make the Time to ask certain family related questions of your parents and grandparents before it becomes to late. However, there is a right way to approach a relative so they don't feel overwhelmed. First, they may not feel like talking about themselves - being modest is a big factor. So start slow and do have patience. Always explain why...


  • Pre-Post World War II Photos

    Sep 21

    It was the Zionist Federation of Germany in the 1930s had sought to collaborate in the identification, location, and removal of German Jews to Palestine. This caused some 60,000 German Jews in a forced emigration before the start of what would become World War II. Some of your ancestors may have been a part of that emigration. The photographic wor...


  • Family Secrets – What to Do?

    Sep 19

    As you proceed through your family history research, you will already have heard about or even come across what can be called 'Family Secrets'. They were generally the forbidden family subjects, not to be spoken or written about for generations. However, as you work on your family tree, each person should count and not just as a name and date, b...


  • Just Starting? Ideas to Begin your Family Tree

    Sep 17

    That's your new goal this Fall, to begin your family tree? First, realize this will be a long project, years in the making - nothing that can be done overnight. However, the lasting reward will be magnificent, a true family treasure. Key to begin - start with yourself. Have a basic family tree chart (pedigree tree) and place your name, birth dat...


  • ‘Dog My Cats’ & other Phrases

    Sep 1

    Every language and culture develops its own unique terms and phrases. Some such sayings are only used for a period of time, say in the late half of the 19th century, or during the 'Roaring Twenties'. If you did not grow up during such a time frame, if you come across such a phrase you could be lost as to its meaning. This site, 'American Phrases...


  • Add an Ancestor’s Portrait on

    Aug 29

    The term 'Portrait Pedigree' is the newest addition to It is a method in a vertical format to add portraits of your ancestors to the family tree. Nothing finer than having the brief information on an ancestor along with their portrait. The program allows you to switch between those trees with a portrait, the fa...