• My Heritage – Listing Names

    Dec 3

    Sometimes it is good to review many different resources to see if there are any matches to an ancestor of yours. Using the online database 'My Heritage' you can submit a name and all the locations and other databases with matches will appear. Helpful is the many different resources with the details provided. Using the example of 'Daisy K...


  • Shared Surnames of Celebrities

    Nov 29

    A fun activity to get family members interested in doing family history research is looking up about famous, present-day celebrities and see if there is any link to a branch on your family tree. Pick any surname on your family tree and do a Google search for any famous individuals with that name. Using my family maiden name, I did 'Kersh...


  • Using Surname Message Board

    Nov 7

    Nothing better than communicating with other family researchers who are also looking into the same family surnames you are. True, just because there is a similar surname on a family tree doesn't mean you share ancestors. However, using Message Board for Surnames, you just might come across someone who is actively seeking some ...


  • Positive Advantages to Researching Your Ancestors

    Jul 23

    You might have started doing family history for your own personal reasons or because you were asked to do so by a family member. Generally, it is just one or two in a generation willing to do the work of documenting the past relatives and the living ones. That documenting include locating any aspects of an ancestor's life to highlight it...


  • In Person Assistance

    Jun 17

    It can be great fun exploring and trying to find your lineage or create a complete family tree. But it can also be difficult if you are not quite sure you are doing the research in the right direction. You don't want to later find out you were looking up names of people who were not your ancestors. So if you feel you need help, it is av...


  • Less than Half-an-Hour Tasks

    Apr 7

    Only have a short period of time once or twice a week to work on your family tree? Well, here are a few ideas of quick tasks you may have overlooked. Doing a bit of Google Research on your ancestors could benefit you. In the search box do use quote marks for an ancestor's name or for a hometown with the state name. This helps narrow the search. Use...


  • Keeping Up with the Latest in

    Feb 15

    Many family researchers use the numerous databases supplied by They can be accessed through public libraries or genealogical societies with a subscription or by personal individual subscriptions for home use. does continue to add new and expanded databases on many different topics. For the new year 2019, some databases a...


  • Newspaper Digital Search

    Dec 29

    It is wonderful how many public libraries have microfilmed their local hometown newspapers and now even converting the microfilm to digital images. Most can even scan a document searching for a keyword name and highlight that for you in the search. This process is also used with the subscription newspaper collections such a '' and 'Ne...


  • Linkpendium to Search

    Sep 21

    This collection known as 'Linkpedium' is a resource directory to everything on the Web about families worldwide and genealogically-relevant information about U.S. states and counties. Most of the directory shows free sources from libraries, other government agencies, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals. There are also items found...


  • Father’s Day–the Family History Researcher

    Jun 1

    For any whose father, brother, uncle, grandfather or husband are working on the family history research, here are a few ideas that would make interesting gifts on Father's Day – June 17th, 2018. Get a copy of the names-dates-places for the family tree gathered to date. Have it reproduced on fine parchment, stock paper and even framed. True, it m...