• Genealogical Research – Inexpensive Methods

    Apr 13

    The least expensive way, especially if you are just starting your family history research, is to begin with yourself. You know your basic information, so write out your own information (birth, marriage, residence, and schooling) and then work on each parent. If possible write then each parent’s mother and father. You might not know much y...


  • Using a Mobile App

    Apr 9

    For those with a Smart Phone / I-Phone, you can have easy access to your family tree information. Using the App is considered one of the best to use. Right at your fingertips, you will view any new information or hints / clues that come in about your ancestors. There might even be an unknown photo available. With a lit...


  • Digital Books

    Apr 5

    From the Internet Archive, they have put together a massive collection of classic and newer books covering all types of subjects, time periods, fiction and non-fiction. While you are at home, it is perfect to do some reading of those books you have had on your list. There are 1,429,200 books to select from and read on your desktop computer, ...


  • Explore

    Mar 25

    While many of us are home now due to the virus 19 crisis, this can be a great opportunity to really take time to explore and research specific databases. If you have not recently spent a good deal of time using – now is the time. Remember to sign-in or create an account – then begin. Going to the 'Search' portion is...


  • Google Alerts

    Mar 1

    Wouldn't it be great if you were notified via email anytime something was posted on Google search engine related to any of your ancestors or family hometown??? Well, that can be done. Just fill out a search form entering the name or keyword of what you are searching for. You can also request how often you want to be notified, such as once...


  • Free Databases to Use on

    Jan 27 has a wonderful and varied collection of databases to assist in your family history research. Many are available through their subscription plan. However, there are many great databases you can use that are FREE, any time. Go to the site and scroll down and in alphabetical order is the listing of those free databases from Ancestr...


  • My Heritage – Listing Names

    Dec 3

    Sometimes it is good to review many different resources to see if there are any matches to an ancestor of yours. Using the online database 'My Heritage' you can submit a name and all the locations and other databases with matches will appear. Helpful is the many different resources with the details provided. Using the example of 'Daisy K...


  • Shared Surnames of Celebrities

    Nov 29

    A fun activity to get family members interested in doing family history research is looking up about famous, present-day celebrities and see if there is any link to a branch on your family tree. Pick any surname on your family tree and do a Google search for any famous individuals with that name. Using my family maiden name, I did 'Kersh...


  • Using Surname Message Board

    Nov 7

    Nothing better than communicating with other family researchers who are also looking into the same family surnames you are. True, just because there is a similar surname on a family tree doesn't mean you share ancestors. However, using Message Board for Surnames, you just might come across someone who is actively seeking some ...


  • Positive Advantages to Researching Your Ancestors

    Jul 23

    You might have started doing family history for your own personal reasons or because you were asked to do so by a family member. Generally, it is just one or two in a generation willing to do the work of documenting the past relatives and the living ones. That documenting include locating any aspects of an ancestor's life to highlight it...