• Avoid the Following

    Mar 26

    It is easy to make mistakes while doing your family history research, the best researchers can get a name or date wrong. The main thing is to review what you have collected, gather evidence to support your findings and make the corrections. Too often one forgets some of the common errors in genealogical research and they do need to be reminded ...


  • Check-Off List – Ten Ideas to check of your genealogy Check List!

    Mar 16

    Whether you are just beginning or have worked on your family tree for years, there can be many different aspects relating to your family and genealogy you have forgotten to investigate, do, search for, collect, or try. The following are just some ten ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check it off this important list. Firs...


  • Massachusetts Vital, Ship and 18th Century Archives

    Jan 25

    With the state of Massachusetts having such a long history, there are many chances you will have at least one ancestors from the Colony of Massachusetts or the state. Also because the Port of Boston was a major arriving destination for thousands of immigrants, there is an increased chance of ancestors from this region. The State of Massachusett...


  • Ideas for Searching the Census

    Jan 13

    With the 1940 US Federal Census it has been fun trying to locate our family members and even family friends on that census from over 72 years ago. However, have you also been a bit frustrated when you can not locate a person? It has happened to all of us and not just on the 1940 census, but any from 1790 to 1930, there is bound to be one or more in...


  • Washington State Databases

    Jan 11

    The State of Washington has a very complete series of databases for researchers to use. Viewing the homepage note all the listings on the left side. There are records referring to military, census, land, court, licenses, cemeteries, institutions and so many more. Some of the most popular are the birth, marriage, death, nationalizations and photogra...


  • Oklahoma and Indian Records

    Nov 8

    The Indian Territory was that portion of land in the center of the United States which in the first half of the 1800s, that no white settlers was interested in living on. Instead, the federal government thought it made more sense moving the five main civilized Indian tribes out of the southeast region to the Indian Territory, allowing the white se...


  • Helping the Local Newspaper

    Oct 29

    I work with our local newspaper, the Stuart News, especially providing weekly interesting historical and genealogical information relating to the community. Two weeks ago I was asked by a reporter for some assistance concerning the parents and brothers of Ann Davies Romney - their background, family history and anything relating to the fact they...


  • Finding All Our Ancestors?

    Oct 24

    It is said that genealogy is one project you can never finish, because you can never locate all your ancestors. Yes, we all have trouble locating a great uncle, a second cousin or a great grand aunt. Those individuals would be your extended family, not your direct lineage. If you look solely at those ancestors who were your parents‚ÄĒgrandparents--...


  • Early Family Histories

    Oct 16

    Some of the best research sources you can ever find are the published pages of family histories done by individuals many years ago. When someone wanted to gather the family lineage and tales, they had to go to the courthouses, churches, cemeteries, other family members, write letters, etc. to gather information. With many written in the last half o...


  • Marking a Major Ancestral Anniversary

    Sep 29

    I'm remembering and marking the 100th anniversary of when by paternal great grandparents came to the shores of America. In spite of being married they actually came at two different dates. My gr grandfather, George William Kershaw, arrived to the Port of Boston on August 14, 1912. He had lived his whole life, born in Hulme, Chorlton, Manchester, L...