• Posting Questions on A Social Message Board

    Jul 11

    With so many online messages boards available: Rootsweb, GenForum, WikiTree, Facebook, Twitter, Surname Societies, local genealogical societies or historical societies; you have some excellent opportunities to locate new information, photos, charts, documents, records, journals or artifacts you had no idea existed. However, you have to make any req...


  • Using CyndisList to Search for Anything

    Jun 25

    Since 1996, Cyndi Howells has single handily amassed a mammoth collection of genealogical links and is available online for use by anyone, anywhere, with no fee or subscription.  It is called CyndisList with nearly 300,000 categorized links to every conceivable topic any researcher would be interested in, the site continues to  provide an essenti...


  • Free Databases Offered by & World Archives Project

    Jun 1

    Anything free is good, so it is always worth checking out the newest databases added by the huge collector of databases, to their web site. The majority of their information is on a subscription-based fee, either at a monthly, quarterly or annual rate. However, has always made available any public or free sources of gene...


  • Message Boards at Rootsweb

    Apr 26

    Due to the wide-spread use of the Internet and the access people around the globe have to computers the use of 'Message Boards' like that are found on Rootsweb are marvelous references for locating data, records and hints to other sources previously unknown. Not just for certain ancestors is the message board useful, but for surnames and other cat...


  • Create Your Medical Family Tree

    Jan 9

    One of the most important things you can do for your health is to take the time to create a Medical Family Tree. Many diseases and disorders run in families, and the more you know about what could be lurking in your genes, the better chance you have of making choices that could affect your health in a very positive way. A great time to start p...


  • Naturalization – Before or After 1906

    Dec 22

    You know a branch of your ancestors arrived in America about 1887. To learn if they ever became naturalized American citizens you would want to look for a petition to become a citizen and the completed naturalization papers. Count yourself lucky if that ancestor did not apply for citizenship until after 1906. Your ancestor was not required to be...


  • Do Your Research Online

    Nov 2

    Doing genealogy research can be time consuming. If you don't happen to be a professional genealogist, then at least some of your day is taken up by your job. Another large portion of your day is going to be spent taking care of your children, eating meals with your family, and doing the general day to day cleaning and chores that everyone has to do...


  • Mongol (Mongolian) Genealogy

    Oct 19

    In northeast Asia for centuries there have been the Mongols, a nomadic group of people. They have been known for the great hospitality they offer. Upon the guests’ arrival, there are traditional offerings and treats served. In the summer it is dairy products and in the winter it is meat. The major ethnic group, about 90 percent, of Mongols...


  • Allen County Public Library Use

    Oct 18

    There are numerous impressive public libraries across the United States in European, most with a fabulous genealogy department. The most outstanding such library is the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. For every family history researcher they should also know about the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The g...


  • Research Newspapers For Your Ancestors

    Oct 18

    Ancestors have a long trail of documents from birth to death which can greatly assist the researcher. Most come from government agencies; either federal, state, county or city. There are also church records along with civic and fraternal organizations where information can be gathered on relatives. One of the great gold mines with a wealth of ...