• MyHeritage has Free Family History Webinars

    Apr 19

    You can learn a lot from a good webinar! A webinar is a seminar that takes place online. This means that you can watch a webinar from your home, and without having to travel to a specific location. Some webinars cost money, while others can be viewed for free. MyHeritage is a well known genealogy website that offers some of features to users for...


  • How to Get Younger People Interested in Genealogy

    Apr 11

    All ages find they really enjoy searching and learning about their ancestors once they get started. This true of younger people, say those under age 30. So here are some ways to spark the genealogy 'bug' in the younger folks. Find just one or two characteristics to the younger person what was also a characteristic of an ancestor. Such as any arti...


  • For More Effective Results. Genealogy Research.

    Apr 9

    We have all been there ... an ancestor you just can not gather any information about. In such a case, first never give up. Many answers can be found. So the following are a few approaches you many not have tried yet and need to attempt. Do research in locations that are not solely online. The Internet genealogical databases still do not have all d...


  • Steps in Gathering Those ‘Family Leaves’

    Apr 5

    No one ever stated that creating your family tree would be easy. It does take time and patience. To avoid any major mistakes, which is a big 'no-no' -- review over these various steps or procedures to help collect the right family branches and leaves to form the correct family tree. I always believe, never accept as 100% correct and copy anyone ...


  • Online Help with AncestorCloud

    Mar 19

    AncestorCloud is a new community and social marketplace for family discovery. This genealogy website not only connects you with professional genealogists to help with your research, but also a community of other family historians in over 52 countries who are available to lend a helping hand. Community researchers can pick up records, take local p...


  • Mocavo and FindMyPast Come Together

    Feb 10

    It is always interesting when genealogy related websites pair up. Sometimes, this is done through a merger or sale. Other times, individual genealogy websites partner up for a limited time in order to complete a specific project together. Mocavo has announced that it is coming together with FindMyPast. Mocaco and FindMyPast are described as “s...


  • Your Ancestor’s Profile

    Jan 25

    As you gather information on your ancestors, building the family tree, it is a great adventure ever so often to focus on just one ancestor or a married couple. Here you really go in depth to learn everything possible about a specific ancestor. You would be creating a detailed profile. So how do you begin? If you have the basic known information ...


  • Google Gimmicks for Finding Someone

    Jan 15

    You need the little 'tricks of the trade' in using the search engine 'Google' to have the greatest chance at success. So here are a few pointers to try. To search multiple dates at one time without having to enter them individually, use this method. This is hugely helpful if you are looking for birth, marriage or death records (or any date based...


  • Twitter. Genealogy related accounts you should be following!

    Jan 11

      There are many different types of social media sources that can assist in your family history research -- Facebook, Message Boards and also Twitter. Here are some fantastic genealogy-related Twitter accounts you can follow for additional help and motivation.  Follow our advice blog, tips on genealogy, and tips for building...


  • Pick a Historical Event

    Jan 3

      An online site 'Histography' helps you see, using a time line, different major historical events - most over a 400-year period. There are an assortment of categories: women's rights, inventions, music, wars, literature, etc to select from and explore. Just use the computer mouse to slide the cursor along the time line from left to right an...