• Tips for Recovering Records Lost in a Fire

    Aug 19

    What would you do if your genealogy research was lost in a fire? People can feel quite devastated when they lose the physical records of their family history. Fortunately, there are things you can do to recover at least some of what you lost. Use these 3 Tips to recover some of your lost research: Family Photos Some of your family photos are...


  • One Piece of Information at a Time

    Aug 4

    Genealogists spend a lot of time doing research about their family members and ancestors. This type of research can feel overwhelming. Getting distracted can make your research less productive. One tip to prevent this problem is to intentionally stick with one piece of research at a time. Pick One Specific Thing to Focus On It is understandable...


  • Got a Spare Moment?

    Jul 18

      So you think you don't have enough time to spend on doing your family history --- yes you do ! It is all how you approach and use your time. Here are a few ideas of making some headway in your research in just a few moments. Review just one branch at a time and write the name of the ancestor you have the least information about. Now that ...


  • A Boolean Search Could Help You Find Your Ancestor

    Jul 8

    Have you hit a “brick wall” with your genealogy research? There's that one ancestor who has proven to be very elusive. You've tried everything you can think of but are having no luck. It's possible that a Boolean search could help you find your ancestor. What's a Boolean search? The answer to that question goes back to George Boole. He is be...


  • Four Appalachian States

    Jun 22

    The four southern Appalachian states are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, due to the fact the Appalachian Mountains encompass part of the state. If you have any ancestors from these states and specifically from the Appalachian region, you will find the online site titled 'Appalachian Mountain Families' a most informative data...


  • Why are You Having Problems Locating an Ancestor?

    Mar 27

    Have you asked yourself that question more than once? Don't worry, everyone, no matter how experienced has one or more ancestors that they barely have a partial name much less any other information about. So the following are some approaches or ideas of what might be cause. Number one reason you might be able to locate more on a specific ancesto...


  • Common Genealogy Regrets

    Mar 19

    Take a moment and think back about the years you have spent working on genealogy research. Chances are, what came to mind are a mixture of genealogy successes and failures. Even mistakes can be valuable when a person is learning a new skill. Did you come up with any genealogy regrets? What is a genealogy regret? It is similar to a regular regret...


  • MyHeritage

    Mar 5

    Since 2003, the online website titled MyHeritage has made the creation of a digital family tree very simple for its users.  By just starting simply with one's immediate family (parents and siblings), their names and birth dates, a person can add additional information, photos, videos, records, documents, etc to build their family tree. The be...


  • Make Copies of What You Post on

    Mar 2 is one of the most popular genealogy websites, and with good reason. It offers a plethora of records, is easy to use, and gives genealogists an easy way to create and add to their family trees. Even so, it is advisable that genealogists make copies of everything they post at (or other online genealogy websites). Many pe...


  • Musts in Genealogy

    Feb 27

    As in anything there is a right and wrong way to complete a task. So for the family researcher of the history of your ancestors, make sure you follow as many of the following 'musts' to insure the family tree is as accurate as possible. 1. Use as many different sources to verify the dates, name spelling, hometown, whom they married, the children's...