• Why are You Having Problems Locating an Ancestor?

    Mar 27

    Have you asked yourself that question more than once? Don't worry, everyone, no matter how experienced has one or more ancestors that they barely have a partial name much less any other information about. So the following are some approaches or ideas of what might be cause. Number one reason you might be able to locate more on a specific ancesto...


  • Common Genealogy Regrets

    Mar 19

    Take a moment and think back about the years you have spent working on genealogy research. Chances are, what came to mind are a mixture of genealogy successes and failures. Even mistakes can be valuable when a person is learning a new skill. Did you come up with any genealogy regrets? What is a genealogy regret? It is similar to a regular regret...


  • MyHeritage

    Mar 5

    Since 2003, the online website titled MyHeritage has made the creation of a digital family tree very simple for its users.  By just starting simply with one's immediate family (parents and siblings), their names and birth dates, a person can add additional information, photos, videos, records, documents, etc to build their family tree. The be...


  • Make Copies of What You Post on

    Mar 2 is one of the most popular genealogy websites, and with good reason. It offers a plethora of records, is easy to use, and gives genealogists an easy way to create and add to their family trees. Even so, it is advisable that genealogists make copies of everything they post at (or other online genealogy websites). Many pe...


  • Musts in Genealogy

    Feb 27

    As in anything there is a right and wrong way to complete a task. So for the family researcher of the history of your ancestors, make sure you follow as many of the following 'musts' to insure the family tree is as accurate as possible. 1. Use as many different sources to verify the dates, name spelling, hometown, whom they married, the children's...


  • Need a Reason WHY to Research Your Family Tree?

    Feb 21

    You may have been asked on more than one occasion why you are bothering to spend time and money to gather information on your family lineage. Of course genealogy, family research is a very old practice and was very necessary at one time just for specific families to determine property ownership and royal lineages. Really over the last 150 years h...


  • Best Free Genealogical Websites – Updated

    Feb 20

      With utilization of the Internet and computers, either in your home or those in libraries, there is a vast assortment and variety of websites to assist you in genealogy research. The following is an essential list of some of the free use web sites that should become familiar to every researcher. 1. Family Search The 'gold-standard' reso...


  • Canadian Gravesites

    Feb 15

    With the United States and Canada as neighbors as well as many people having moved to one or the other country over the decades, it is important to have family history resources for both countries. You never know when a missing ancestors from Newfoundland was in New York for a few years and then returned to Canada or a native from Michigan travel...


  • Valentines and Love Letters

    Feb 14

      Our ancestors wrote long letters to their loved ones. You may have a collection of such letters or journals handed down in the family. With Valentine's Day this weekend, make it a point to see if you or someone in the family does have some of the relative's letters to other family members. It doesn't have to be between boyfriend-girlfriend...


  • Records of London’s Livery Companies Online (ROLLCO)

    Feb 7

    Basically these are records concerning those in London, England between 1400 and 1900 who were registered as Apprentices and Freemen. They would have been members of the Livery Companies and registered. This database of ROLLCO is of those records. Since the majority of people in London during the 15th through the 19th century worked at some ...