• Picking a Title for Each Layout

    Jul 9

    In some ways, picking a title for your heritage layout is a little easier. After all, you can always use dates and names as the title of your scrapbook pages. However, picking a creative title can add a lot more to your scrapbooking page! It is just as acceptable, of course, to choose something like, "1880" for the title, or "Ethington Family". But...


  • The Title Page for Your Heritage Album

    Jun 30

    In my recent article, Questions for Starting Your First Heritage Album, I addressed some of the questions you should ask yourself before even getting started on your first heritage scrapbook. Let's assume you've asked yourself these questions, have the answers, and have some materials in hand. Where do you actually start scrapbooking when it comes ...


  • Questions for Starting Your First Heritage Album

    Jun 29

    When starting a heritage album for the first time, it can seem intimidating. But, it doesn't have to be! There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. It is all about being creative and preserving history, so you can't really mess it up. If you have the attitude that you are going to have fun with it, it really does take the pressure off! So wher...


  • Don’t Keep it in a Box!

    Jun 24

    One thing I tell myself when I am trying to de-clutter is, "Am I honoring this item by where it is in my home?" Just a nifty little tip I picked up from TLC's Clean Sweep TV show. But, think about it. If you are leaving all your family history "stuff" in a box, then how are you honoring it? You're not. So, get it out of the box! Sometimes this c...


  • 5 Ideas to Inspire Yourself to Scrapbook

    Jun 22

    Sometimes the hardest part of getting started on your heritage scrapbook is when you lack the inspiration. With the busy lives we all have, it is hard to get excited about something that you can easily tell yourself is just a hobby, or something to do in your spare time. But, hopefully, a few tips on how you can inspire yourself will get you motiva...


  • Quick Fixes When Time is Short

    Jun 17

    Let's face it. We all have busy lives, and sometimes, the thought of scrapbooking can be overwhelming. We love the idea of it, but if we think of it as a chore, or something else we have to check off our list, then it often gets put on the back burner. There are a few quick fixes that can help us stay organized, and not get too overwhelmed. For ...


  • Get Your Kids to Love Heritage Scrapbooking

    Jun 15

    Every child loves a good story. At least my two little ones do. They like to imagine fairies, and princesses, happy endings, and mysteries. While we may not have fairies and princesses in our family history, we certainly have plenty of mystery, and both happy and sad endings. My father-in-law is a big genealogy buff. He loves it and it is one of...


  • Heritage Scrapbooking Products-Paper House Productions

    Jun 10

    As usual, I was online perusing some great paper products that could be used for your heritage albums when I ran across Paper House Productions website. I loved the ease of finding what I wanted on their website, but more importantly, I loved the line of heritage papers that they had. They inspired me for the topic of an upcoming post, which will b...


  • Honoring a Soldier

    Jun 3

    With Memorial Day just passing, it is a good time to remember those veterans that have fought bravely for our country, and those that are doing so today. In this day and age, almost everyone knows someone that has been a soldier for our country. My grandfather was a medic during WWII and earned a purple heart as a paratrooper on D-Day in Normandy. ...


  • Your Family’s “Crown Jewels”

    Apr 29

    I couldn't help but watch the Royal Wedding this morning like the rest of the world. I was enamored with the two young people in love. A wedding just makes everyone happy doesn't it? Even if we can't relate too well with being royalty, we can relate to two people falling in love, and watching them make that commitment to each other was magical! ...