• A Mother’s Day Gift

    Apr 25

    Mother's Day is just around the corner. Have you thought about what you can give your Mother this year? Perhaps your are considering flowers, chocolates, or a card, but why not give her something more meaningful? When you think of family history, the first thing that comes to my mind is family, of course. Part of the beauty of heritage scrapbo...


  • What’s In A Name?

    Apr 22

    Have you ever given much thought to your name? Where did it come from? Were you named after someone? In my case, my first name came from an employee that worked for my parents. Her name was Meredith, and my parents liked it, so that is what they named me. My middle name is the same as my father's middle name. And, when I had my first child, I ga...


  • Four Generations Layout

    Apr 20

    I am lucky to have had both of my grandmothers meet my first born child. In both of those instances, we took a four generations photograph. Those are photos that I treasure, and I'm sure my daughter will come to treasure them as well. Of course, when you have a photo like this, you are going to want to scrapbook it. And, better yet, scrapbook it fo...


  • Pretty Pedigree Charts

    Apr 18

    When you are working on a heritage album, you will most likely consider including a pedigree chart in your album. While there are many printable versions, and fill in the blank scrapbooking pages that you can do this with, there are other ideas you can use to create a prettier version of a pedigree chart. First, think how big you want the chart ...


  • Scrapbooking Without Photos

    Apr 13

    One of the first words that may come to mind when you think of the word scrapbooking is probably: photos. However, do you have to have old family photos to create heritage scrapbooks? No. There are lots of ways to create a heritage family album with little or no photos at all. There are several things you may have, or can easily obtain to put to...


  • Genealogy and Family History Photo Organization

    Apr 11

    If you are thinking of starting a heritage album scrapbook, the first step is to organize your photos. I've talked a little bit before about knowing which photos to keep, and which ones to discard. In this article, I'd like to discuss a little about how to organize your photos that you've decided to keep so that scrapbooking can be a lot faster, an...


  • Pay Tribute to a Long Life

    Apr 9

    I was fortunate enough to know my great-grandmother. Perhaps these days, more and more people are able to experience that. However, not too long ago, the life expectancy did not enable people that privilege. My great-grandmother lived to be 105 years old. Amazing isn't it? It gets even more amazing. She also learned to email in the last few year...


  • Scrapbook Your Childhood Home

    Apr 6

    One of my favorite memories is going and looking for the home that my Mom grew up in. We heard stories about her childhood, and going back to look at the home in San Antonio, TX where she spent her life as a little girl was something that I treasure. I only wish she had been with me on that trip to tell me more stories. But, she wasn't able to go a...


  • A Memorial Album

    Mar 29

    As odd as it may sound, many people like to create a scrapbook, or album when a family member passes away to record the event. There are many ways to go about doing this in a tasteful way that can give honor to your family member's life that they lived. I have written before about scrapbooking a funeral. Many times, people do take photos at a fu...


  • Converting Slides to Digital

    Mar 17

    If you are at all interested in family history, then there is a likelihood that you have some old slides lying around. Or, it could be that you have hundreds of old slides lying around. Whatever the situation, there are ways in this digital age to convert your old slides into digital format in order to view them easier, and have a way to print thos...