• Connecticut Veterans of WW One

    Apr 23

    The Connecticut State Library at Hartford has many different databases but one very important represents the 100th anniversary of the United States's entrance into 'the Great War' (WW One) in April 1917. The database has nearly 13,000 records for men who served, not just from Connecticut but also neighboring states. It is organized by the counti...


  • Civil War Glass-Negatives

    Mar 1

    Once you reach the point of finding ancestors who were adults during the 1860s, you surely will want to check if the male ancestors served either with the Confederate (The South) or the Federal Union side (The North) and learn as much as possible. There are numerous databases to check. An excellent source is the Civil War Soldier and Sailor Databa...


  • Submit a World War One Veteran’s Story

    Feb 7

    The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission web site has one main purpose ... to remember and document the people and events during the United States' time of 1917 to 1919 in the first World War (known back then as the Great War). One of the best methods is for individuals to submit the WW I veteran's service and story along with a photo if avail...


  • Civil War Documents Scanned

    Dec 3

    The Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission (James I. Robertson Jr. Civil War Sesquicentennial Legacy Collection) spent several years going to counties across Virginia asking residents to look in their attics and forgotten chests to see if they had photos, documents, letters, journals, etc related to the American Civil War. ...


  • Slogans to Fight During the Civil War

    Nov 3

    It was April 1861 in the United States and both the Union and Confederates armies needed recruits, and they needed them in a hurry. Not surprisingly, as seen in newspaper advertisements during 1861 to 1865, different groups and branches of the service had competing ads with unusual and even funny slogans. There was need for different types of recr...


  • War of 1812 Veteran Pension Files

    Oct 5

    When the new United States was at war with the United Kingdom again in the early 19th century, it was known as the War of 1812, which actually occurred from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815. Those Americans who would have fought in that conflict would have been born roughly 1770 to 1795. They would have been too young to be involved during the Am...


  • Service and Pension Files for War of 1812

    Jul 23

    The American colonies fought England in the 1770s during the American Revolution. However, battles occurred again between the new United States and England in the early 19th century which resulted in what was called the War of 1812, which actually lasted 3 years. You might have some ancestors who were part of the major historical event. They would ...


  • Society for Decendants of those Honored at Arlington National Cemetery

    Apr 25

    There are numerous societies within the United States for different purposes. Many genealogical societies can be of great assistance for those working on the family tree. There is a society who have ancestors buried in Arlington National Cemetery. One fact you may have come across in your research is that an ancestor may have been buried in Arling...


  • Your Blue or Gray Ancestors

    Apr 1

    As you go through gathering information for your family tree, somewhere along the way you may well come across ancestor or two who were either military soldiers or sailors during the American Civil War (1861-1865). If they supported the North - the Federal Union they were recognized by 'Blue' for their uniform. If they supported the Southern region...


  • American Revolutionary Soldiers & Sailors Database

    Mar 27

      There are nearly 18,000 records for state rosters of American Revolutionary War soldiers and sailors from the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, and Virginia available on It covers the years of 1775 to 1783. Each of the six colonies or territories are different in the type of information p...