• Common Irish Surnames

    Nov 5

    If you have Irish heritage and especially an Irish surname you will want to learn more about that Irish name. Here are the top five names. Starting with the most common and popular Irish surnames, there is Murphy – the most common last name in Ireland, especially in County Cork. This surname, which means “sea battler,” translates t...


  • Ancestors’ Given Names

    Nov 1

    If you have gotten even a little into your family tree research, one of the more interesting aspects is ancestors' given names. There can be good and bad points in such research. If the ancestor had an unusual first and or middle name it can help narrow down your search. But not always. I had an ancestor with my husband's family I sear...


  • Falsehoods in Genealogy

    Mar 7

    Whether you are new to doing your family history research or been at awhile, you do need to be careful and not assume all items, information, records are 100% accurate. There can be falsehoods you should be aware of. Here are just a few. One of the most important records in the US Federal Censuses. For the first time (and what would later turn out...


  • Using Facebook Sites for Surnames

    Feb 19

    There are thousands of social media Facebook Site centered around one or more related family surnames. Many are focused on a specific location or time frame. Here is a listing to help search for any that may be related. For example the Larkin and Hubbard Family of Buffalo, New York. Imagine you had seen the surname Hubbard in some of your research...


  • Family Name – Our Connection to Our Ancestors

    Jan 19

    Besides the DNA (genes) you inherited from your ancestors, one of the most important elements to tie you to your ancestors is a surname. It appears most surnames originated due to certain factors. They are geography or location, geographical features, an occupation, personal - physical characteristics, an estate name, your ancestry, or patronage....


  • Will Genealogy Research Change if Men Take their Wives’ Surnames?

    Sep 11

    Genealogists who are researching their paternal line can easily follow the trail from their father's surname to his male relatives. Today, some men change their surname to their wife's last name when they get married. Will genealogy research change as a result of men changing their surnames? The answer to this question is both yes and no. It won...


  • Anything or Place Named after an Ancestor?

    Sep 1

    As you work gathering names and information for your family tree, you can see given and surnames repeated over the generations. Children and grandchildren named for their ancestors. It has always been a common practice. However, an interesting twist is to see if any object, street, building, landmark or place was named for an ancestor. Once locate...


  • Family Lineage Names

    Aug 23

    Most people enjoying doing their family history and genealogy to especially see how far back they can trace their ancestors. One aspect that helps in identifying ancestors are names – given and surnames. Many children are named for a relative so that name can be carried on for generations. The same is true of naming a child with a family surname...


  • Finds on eBay

    Feb 21

    So true, all types of photos, booklets, journals, letters, receipts, etc can be found up for auction or 'buy now' on eBay (an online auction site). People from around the globe can place items they have owned or just acquired (such as yard sales, second-hand stores, thrift shops etc.). It is truly amazing what can be found. Of course, you have t...


  • Unusual Given Names of Ancestors

    Dec 13

    In developing your family tree have you come across some given names (first or middle names) in which you wonder where did that name come from? Here are some thoughts on how over the years some given names have come about. First, many given names (especially middle names for females) for a baby are a family surname, so that name is carried on. So ...