• Lost Cause?? No Way.

    Oct 7

    You may have tried or even been afraid to attempt to work in depth on your family history. However, maybe all you needed were some clues of how to search. If you have family surnames that are quite common (Smith, Jones, Johnson, Williams, etc) you need to add some keywords to help in the search. Place the given name with the surname in quote marks...


  • September 11, 2001 – the 15th Remembrance

    Sep 11

    The worst terrorist attack in U.S. history occurred 15 years ago as four large passenger jets were hijacked then crashed, killing nearly 3,000 persons with over 6,000 injured. Four separate teams of Middle East terrorists, operating from inside the U.S., boarded the morning flights posing as passengers, then forcibly commandeered the aircraft. Tw...


  • Every Name

    Jul 1

    Besides censuses, vital records, photos, family Bible, another resource is a hometown county history. Your ancestors didn't have to be famous in the town, they could have owned and operated a simple shop providing some needed service. This would have made them important enough to be included in a town or county history. Using the free online 'Ever...


  • Finding Errors in Records??

    Jun 7

    Sometimes it is difficult to locate an ancestor because there could be errors either you have made or that were made when a vital record (birth, marriage, death, deed, military, etc) was created. The spelling of given and surnames is one of the common areas of errors. Many names have quite a few various methods of being spelled and those ways have...


  • Free is Good!!

    May 7

    We all look for that small edge that just might open a door or two into our family's past. When there are databases free and open to everyone that is even better. One to check out is Linkpendium. It is not a database by itself but rather links to other databases. It is divided up locations (U. S. states and territories) as well as locations in the...


  • Google Gimmicks for Finding Someone

    Jan 15

    You need the little 'tricks of the trade' in using the search engine 'Google' to have the greatest chance at success. So here are a few pointers to try. To search multiple dates at one time without having to enter them individually, use this method. This is hugely helpful if you are looking for birth, marriage or death records (or any date based...


  • Genealogy Hound

    Dec 21

    It is always great to locate an online site with a collection of genealogical resources. One to look at is 'Genealogy Hound.' It has family biographies, surnames, county maps, plus a growing collection of photos and postcards. It is easy to search, using the search box. Explore using a surname or a hometown or home county name. Use also the tab ...


  • Using Linkpendium – Searching Surnames

    Dec 7

    You are not unique with your surname -- family name, there are thousands across the globe with your same surname, no matter how strange or unusual it may be. Many of those same people are also researching their family. You might be related and share the same great great grandparents. If they have done up a web site with details or any other databas...


  • Explaining the Meaning & Origin of Irish Names

    Oct 23

    Got a little or alot of Irish heritage? Well, the following online site will fit you to a 't' and give new meaning to that Irish family name. Irish Central by Glen Carey has 300 Irish surnames in alphabetical order with their means for each. This first section are letters A-G. Click here for A-G Irish surnames and scroll down. This section covers...


  • Tips on Census Searching

    Oct 12

      Doing research using the U. S. Federal Census is a major undertaking but can yield great information about your ancestors. The most important item to remember is that all information recorded on a census was provided by someone in a specific household. It may have been the wife, the husband, a father, an uncle, a second cousin, anyone a...