• Genealogy Hound

    Dec 21

    It is always great to locate an online site with a collection of genealogical resources. One to look at is 'Genealogy Hound.' It has family biographies, surnames, county maps, plus a growing collection of photos and postcards. It is easy to search, using the search box. Explore using a surname or a hometown or home county name. Use also the tab ...


  • Using Linkpendium – Searching Surnames

    Dec 7

    You are not unique with your surname -- family name, there are thousands across the globe with your same surname, no matter how strange or unusual it may be. Many of those same people are also researching their family. You might be related and share the same great great grandparents. If they have done up a web site with details or any other databas...


  • Explaining the Meaning & Origin of Irish Names

    Oct 23

    Got a little or alot of Irish heritage? Well, the following online site will fit you to a 't' and give new meaning to that Irish family name. Irish Central by Glen Carey has 300 Irish surnames in alphabetical order with their means for each. This first section are letters A-G. Click here for A-G Irish surnames and scroll down. This section covers...


  • Tips on Census Searching

    Oct 12

      Doing research using the U. S. Federal Census is a major undertaking but can yield great information about your ancestors. The most important item to remember is that all information recorded on a census was provided by someone in a specific household. It may have been the wife, the husband, a father, an uncle, a second cousin, anyone a...


  • Google Tricks

    Oct 7

    On the Internet, a search engine is essential. The most well-known and maybe most used is 'Google'. There is even now the saying; 'Just Google it'. To be more effective in your searching for your family history, here are a few tips or ideas to use the search engine more efficiently. Maybe you need to find a specific phrase or saying, first use q...


  • Nicknames

    Jul 27

    You have tried and still can't seem to locate a specific ancestor. You have tried the various spellings for the surname and still no luck. It just might be that all documents, records, census papers, certificates, etc. the individual used one or more nicknames rather than their birth proper name. Or there is a combination of nicknames and proper ...


  • Available on

    Mar 1

      This website, can be of real assistance for any level family history researcher. If you are just starting, the basics are explained in clear and easy to follow formats. If you have been working at the research for awhile, there are informational sections to help you move even further. For the long-time and advanced genealogis...


  • Extinct Family Names

    Jan 23

    Many things can become endangered or eventually extinct. Many species of animals from the dinosaurs (from over 100 million years ago) to a specific type of lizard today can decrease in numbers so they no longer exist. However, did it occur to you that family surnames could also become extinct? If a family name has approximately less than 200 pe...


  • Direct Ancestors – So Many !

    Jan 17

      Direct lineage on your family tree is just that - you - your parents - your grandparents - great grandparents - great great grandparents, etc. You do not count aunts, uncles, cousins as direct ancestors but rather as extended family line, just as important but just examining direct lines can be sometimes a bit overwhelming. Look at the num...


  • Names in Wordle Word Cloud

    Jan 13

      This can be a fun project to work on a cold day this winter. Even if you do not have your family complete (and who does?), you do a long list of given names and / or surnames to create your own word cloud. Using the Wordle web site, it can be easily achieved. The more names you can add, especially repeating a surname, such as Johnson - say...