• Scary Surnames & Halloween

    Oct 31

    There have been and still remain some unique surnames and given names throughout our history, and each one tells a great story. Maybe some of the most unparalleled ones are those that can be associated with Halloween. Of course the name may not have started out that way, but through traditions, it relates to something scary with Halloween. Here ...


  • Videoing Family Stories

    Jul 17

    Oral family history is as old as families themselves. Long before writing, one's traditions and history were passed down to later generations by the telling verbally of family stories. True, many of the family stories become tales or legends over the years and not with all the actual truth that it started with. With writing of family stories, pr...


  • Decal Surname on Wall

    Jun 9

    Such an idea!! Place on a family room wall, in the kitchen, a dining room, the hall way, above the entrance doorway or arch into the dining room - where ever in your house you would want a permanent family seal. In craft shops and online dealers have numerous vinyl decals, in various colors, shapes, fonts and sizes that can be easily arranged on a ...


  • Surnames in Great Britain 1881 & 1998

    May 17

    In tracing your family roots it can be very valuable to know where the majority of a family branch was concentrated. If you had ancestors from Great Britain in the 1880s and even in the 1990s, there is an online method to search where most with a certain family name lived. Using the PublicProfiler site you can place a surname in the search box. It...


  • Finding Documents to Photos on FamilySearch

    May 15

    Using the FamilySearch online database, which is always updated, just might yield some family information (letters, documents, family stories, obituaries) and photos previously unknown to you. Using their 'Find Photos and Stories' you can place a surname and it will search the vast database of submitted scanned documents, stories and photographs. ...


  • Make a Neat Gallery of Words / Names

    May 7

    A fun activity you can do by yourself or with the family is a gallery in different shapes and sizes all containing a collection of names, words, events, etc -- whatever you select. The online site Tagxedo helps you create an interesting design and you put what you want in it. You can select different fonts and colors. Experiment with it. Start wi...


  • Bios – Search Engine

    May 1

    'My Genealogy Hound' website is a search engine for biographies that individuals or families have published on their ancestors. As you do your research, you might not be aware that any previously written biographies ever existed on certain family branches. Use the general search box below placing a key word or name. Better yet go to the link of se...


  • Common Surnames. European origins.

    Apr 5

    You could guess the most common surnames in the United States, more than likely you have one or more ancestors with that surname, making it difficult to track the right relative. Some of those family names in the U. S. include Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, and Jones. However, if your ancestors originally came from a western or eastern Europe...


  • Just Google It!

    Jan 26

    Google is a great tool for genealogists to use. Not everyone realizes this because Google isn't specifically a genealogy website. Even so, giving Google a try could lead to interesting and useful results. Here are just a few of the ways that using Google can help with your genealogy research. Google News Archive Search Looking for an obituar...


  • Surnames and More

    Nov 6

    What is the first thing most people do when they locate a directory, phone book, or any alphabetical listing of names, is check if their family name is listed. They will look for their own name or a maiden name for the ladies, however those into the family history research, could have quite a list of surnames to check. Using the online site "Am...