United Kingdom

  • Wills from the United Kingdom – 1858-1996

    Feb 5

    A reminder the areas that comprise the United Kingdom (the U. K.). They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many people have ancestors from these areas, some who resettled in other areas, like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or the United States. If you did have ancestors who remained in some region of the U. K., then ...


  • Extinct Family Names

    Jan 23

    Many things can become endangered or eventually extinct. Many species of animals from the dinosaurs (from over 100 million years ago) to a specific type of lizard today can decrease in numbers so they no longer exist. However, did it occur to you that family surnames could also become extinct? If a family name has approximately less than 200 pe...


  • The Past on Paper

    Jan 3

    A site online titled 'The Past on Paper' is just like it sounds. It is a database of images of family Bible record pages, journals, letters, Wills, photos, deeds, documents, postcards, directories, newspapers, etc. This site primarily has items from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia regions, however there are a few from the United States. ...


  • Surnames in Great Britain 1881 & 1998

    May 17

    In tracing your family roots it can be very valuable to know where the majority of a family branch was concentrated. If you had ancestors from Great Britain in the 1880s and even in the 1990s, there is an online method to search where most with a certain family name lived. Using the PublicProfiler site you can place a surname in the search box. It...


  • Wellcome Library Photographic Collection

    Feb 19

    So many new and once forgotten photographs are being scanned and made digital so they can then be shared around the globe. The newest collection available is from the Wellcome Library in the United Kingdom. There are two major categories: Historical Images and Contemporary Images. You can select either or both and then place a keyword, hometown ...


  • English, American & Canadian Occupations in 1891

    Nov 16

    As you have done your family research you may have come across the titles or names of various occupations done by your ancestors, possibility some names you have never heard of. That is very possible since new products and services are created over the years as the ideas and needs of a society change. An excellent example would be a blacksmith,...


  • Gravestone Images in the United Kingdom

    Oct 30

    Being hundreds of years old, there are many long standing cemeteries throughout the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). With many of us having ancestors from the British Isles, it is a bonus to have several online listing of cemeteries and images of gravestones available, saving us a trip overseas. Starting with Grave...


  • Vintage British Films – BFI Films

    Oct 4

    Photos of hometowns and people are great, but even better are vintage films, action of people and events as it happened. The BFI Films has quite a collection of such vintage films, many dating back to the 1890s, showing royalty and common people of the United Kingdom. They have a simple search box, where you select which format you wish to see (inc...


  • Library & Archives of Canada

    Sep 14

    With the entire northern length of the United States bordered with the Commonwealth nation of Canada, it is very possible a few ancestors were born, lived or died there. In fact an aspect most people don't realize is that many young men during World War I who were not accepted in the military in their native United States (health or occupational re...


  • Immigrates to England: 1801 – 1871 & 1918 – 1957

    Sep 4

    We always tend to think of people resettling in the United States or Canada, however, many people resettled in the 19th and 20th century in England, coming from other European, African or Asian nations. The National Archives for the United Kingdom has a collection of those individuals seeking to be admitted to England between 1801 and 1871. The ...