United Kingdom

  • Study An Ancestral Hometown

    May 3

    A really unusual online database of information on ancestral homelands is titled "One Place Studies". Its purpose is to gather and share information about as many villages, towns, cities, so that those researching their own family ancestral places and not living there can have a much better idea what that place is like and especially how it was wh...


  • Scottish World War I Photos

    Apr 19

    Within the National Library of Scotland it offers online a nice collection of photographic images from the World War I time period (1914 to 1919). They were originally taken by various British photographers out on the Western Front during the war. There are nine categories with numerous images within each. Some of the more interesting images a...


  • Bombs Dropped on London

    Mar 22

    It may be hard to imagine such an event happening, but the city of London did face the German Blitz (also called London Blitz) for over a year, with bombs dropped from German planes all across the city. There is now a map developed for viewing online of the sights of where bombs were dropped on the city. Known as 'Bomb Sight', it maps out and pinp...


  • Privateers During the War of 1812

    Mar 2

    You may think a privateer and a pirate are one in the same. True, they both raided and plundered ships on the high seas. The big difference was that a privateer was private and operated under a letter of marque issued by a national government. Over the centuries there have been hundreds of privateers for different nations. For the United States ...


  • City of London Archives

    Feb 26

    Many Americans (men and women) were stationed in the city of London during World War I and II and got to know about its people and the city. Still other individuals have ancestors who were born and raised in London or lived there during part of their life. It is just one of those major cities of the world with a very strong connection to the Unite...


  • Old Bailey Criminal Court in England

    Feb 16

    Coming across old records of family members is exciting, they help you better understand the life of your ancestor. One type of document which can be quite fascinating are court papers. The most intriguing of court papers are the criminal court documents. These are the trials of real people, some for some horrible crimes, some for crimes not though...


  • UK Records-BMD

    Jan 1

    For those researchers with ancestors in the United Kingdom (England-Wales-Scotland and Northern Ireland) remember to check the databases of the FreeBMD online. It contains some 221 million records and it is free access. The records are of the civil registration index for births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales and new ones are continuing ...


  • United Kingdom Postcards

    Dec 10

    The sending and receiving of postcards became a very popular activity for people around the globe beginning in the 1870s and especially by the late 1880s and into the 1910s. The postcards were not just sent while one was traveling, visiting other places, but also just as a method to share scenes of what their own hometown or region looked like. Ph...


  • Families in British India Society

    Dec 4

    'The sun never set on the British Empire' was a saying referring to all the British colonies across the globe that the United Kingdom once held, so many that the sun was shining somewhere on British property at any given time. One of the biggest and most important British colony was that of India in the continent of Asia. Not just the British milit...


  • Your Great Grandparents Did ‘What’ ?

    Nov 22

    The great thing about doing your family history is not just gathering names and dates, but rather learning more about our ancestors' daily lives. One very interesting period of time to explore is that of the Victorian era – 1840s to 1900, whether in Europe or America, many people followed some strange and bazaar, yet accepted behaviors. First ...