United States

  • The Faces of Child Labor

    Aug 19

    It is hard to imagine that for decades in America and other countries, children served as a major backbone to much of the work done on farms, in coal mines and factories.  Your ancestor may well have been a part of that massive group.  It was not uncommon for children at age 10 and up working, not attending school, to help support the family inco...


  • Remembering My Mother – the WAC

    Aug 9

    An example of writing up a life event (based on an interview, vital records, newspapers and photos) about an ancestor is the following, my mother, the WAC, done for her birthday anniversary. Nan M. Everhart was born August 9, 1915 in Frederick, Maryland and came from a long family history of military service to the United States.  Some ancestor...


  • Family and Individual Biographical Database

    Aug 7

    Everyone has a story is so true about each person who ever lived.  You may only think the famous, honored, celebrated or notorious people have an interesting life story, but each non-famous, regular person does have an equally remarkable tale that should be remembered. There is an online site titled ‘GeneaBios’ that is attempting to share w...


  • Celebrate American Family Day

    Aug 5

    The American Family dates back to the Native American Indians that once covered the North American continent.  In 1620 the ship, Mayflower, brought families to settle in a strange wild new land at Plymouth Rock along the Atlantic coast.  There would continue for hundreds of years that same tradition of having whole families start fresh in a new l...


  • That’s an Occupation?

    Aug 1

    So many things of an individual’s life can change not only over their own lifetime, but also over a couple generations. Nothing is truer than the change of terms for certain occupations. You can easily come across an occupation on a census document, social security application, pension record or journal and have no idea what that type of job enta...


  • What Have We Learned about 1940?

    May 14

    For most of us, it was over 72 year ago, a whole different world.  With the release of the U. S. Federal Census for April 1940, there have been many discoveries about our relatives.  As more states have been fully indexed, more will be known. Some interesting and fun items about life in 1940 can be learned now. Some of this data came from the ce...


  • A Blend of Facebook & FamilySearch Sites

    May 5

    Social networking using a computer, tablet, iphone, etc. is the fastest method to connect with people from around the globe.  If you want to link up with people in an ancestral home country, the FamilySearch has made it very easy for you to do so. When doing family history research, you look for surnames, but you also check in depth where a relat...


  • May Day

    May 1

    The first day of May, the date traditionally recognized by many cultures as the beginning of the Spring season. However, there are many other events noted for the first of May, most which comes from other ethnic groups. See if you recognize any of these May 1st celebrations? The traveling circuses around the globe traditionally started their seaso...


  • Crossing the Canadian Border at Detroit

    Apr 15

    With such a long border between the United States and Canada, some 3,987 miles just with the lower 48 states, there are several official locations that people can cross to visit or immigrate into the country. One of the major places to cross is at the Port of Detroit in Michigan coming from Ontario province into the United States. Other nearby entr...


  • What Were They Doing in 1940?

    Apr 8

    With all the excitement over the last couple of week with the release on April 2nd of the 1940 U. S. Federal Census, this is such a perfect time to investigate about those ancestors who lived in 1940 and were counted in that census.  Of special interest would be the ones that were young adults or older. A good starting point is with photographs...