vital records

  • Additional Michigan Death Records

    Mar 25

    Being able to view an ancestor's official death record is very important as a primary source in doing the family tree. Not only to have birth and death dates listed on the document, but person who provided information on the decease as well as what the person died of. The burial location, cemetery name, is usually provided and if there was a surv...


  • Public Online Records

    Mar 3

    There are not just vintage documents, photos and records on genealogical databases, but many sites carry recent records on living individuals considered 'public records'. The online site of 'Persopo' has a variety of available public records. Now what is available will vary from state to state. Informational records can come from towns, cities,...


  • Checking Your Research

    Jan 15

    It is called human error and there were many mistakes in the vintage vital records of our ancestors. Some errors due to carelessness along with inaccurate information known or provided to an official. These are just documents, but there were mistakes even done by stone cutters in making headstones for grave sites. So as a family history researcher,...


  • Names in Wordle Word Cloud

    Jan 13

      This can be a fun project to work on a cold day this winter. Even if you do not have your family complete (and who does?), you do a long list of given names and / or surnames to create your own word cloud. Using the Wordle web site, it can be easily achieved. The more names you can add, especially repeating a surname, such as Johnson - say...


  • Flu Season and other Illnesses

    Jan 7

    Holidays are over but many times these winter months can also bring on colds and especially the flu. With the 21st century medicine it is not so much a worry as an inconvenience dealing with the illness. This was not the case for our ancestors. Many people, young and old alike died during this time of year from such diseases. Today in fact many ...


  • Family History and Genealogy Success !!

    Jan 5

    You might be just starting out this new year with working on your family history -- great ! You are never too young or old to begin such a project - for you will be creating a lasting legacy. However, as the weeks and months roll along, you might get discouraged if you have not had much success in linking your ancestors and learning more about the...


  • Why You Can’t Find Your Relative’s Records. Four Helpful Tips:

    Oct 22

    You've spent hours searching through your favorite online genealogy resources. You dug through old copies of family photos and asked relatives to email you with their memories of family stories. Despite this, you still can find records for Aunt Agnes! Why not? The answer to that frustrating question might be found in these fourĀ helpful hints: ...


  • The FBI is Digitizing Records

    Oct 14

    You may have heard that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been making an effort in converting their paper files into digital ones. At first glance, this may sound like excellent news for genealogists. Unfortunately, these records will not be made available to genealogists. Even so, the story about the records is quite fascinating. The Fede...


  • Get Back on Track

    Oct 7

    Yes, it happens you have been away from actively doing your family tree and now you want to kick start the research. Or you have been working on the family history and are running into road blocks. Here are a few suggestions to 'get back on track' and have success. If you haven't already, go to the closest Family History Center (Church of the La...


  • Severe Mistakes in doing Genealogical Research

    Sep 13

    There might be severe mistakes unbeknownst to you as far as working on your family tree. The following is a list of just a few. Check and correct, if necessary, any such errors. First, see that you place a source for all your research. It can save you from redoing the same search a couple years later and you will have a listing to back up where ...