All Ancestors Have a Story – Every Voice Matters

We work on our Family Tree and do try to learn as much as possible about each individual. The individuals on our trees, we identify with them, get to know them and try to piece together their stories, whether they are cut short by tragedy or they live to a ripe old age. These ancestors need a voice, you are that voice, it’s up to us to ensure that whatever their circumstances, we ensure that their stories are told.

You may be attracted to certain ancestors for what they did, where they lived or what they achieved. However do try to learn as much as possible and write it down about each ancestor – not just name, dates and places.

Check over family photos – there just might be a clue or angle to a story in that photo. An example, you have a photo of an ancestor dressed as a band drum major. Well was that ancestor really a drum major, leader of a band or was it a costume? Check with other living relatives, and see what they know. Go to local newspapers, there might be a story.

After gathering basic information, then go for more details. An excellent place to begin is with the local genealogical or historical society where your ancestors lived. Many local societies do keep files and records on their local citizens. You might learn something special about an ancestor.

Also in the local areas, see what is available in the newspapers. Many newspapers are available online, made digital, so easy to search. There is and There is also with the Library of Congress online is Chronicling America, an excellent resource. Here is the link to other newspapers online

Be on the outlook for ADS for businesses an ancestor owned. There is so much to be learned about your ancestors using newspapers, it is worth the time. Finding something interesting, write it up.

Photo: Vintage front page newspaper.

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