Abbott Family Name


An English and Scottish surname the Abbott came from Old English term of ‘abbod’ and from Latin term ‘abbas’ which meant a priest, father figure or chief ruler. Variations of Abbott include in Abate in Italian, Abt in German and Abad in Spanish. There is also Abbie, Abbe, and Abbot as other forms. Angus and Lanarkshire counties in Scotland have many individuals with the Abbott surname. In northern England the surname is mostly in Yorkshire and Lancashire. It is found also along the southeast coastal counties. Abbott families in the United States primarily live in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California, Washington, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Famous: David Abbott (founder of Abbott’s Magic Company), Jim Abbott (professional baseball player), Emma Abbott (singer), Frank Abbott (inventor of improved dental instruments), Horace Abbott (19th century owner of Canton Iron Works and founder of the Baltimore 1st National Bank), Jeremy Abbott (professional figure skater) and Scott Abbott (co-founder of the game Trivial Pursuit).

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