Allison Family Name


An English and Scottish surname, Allison is the male form Allen vs. the female form of the name Alison. Variations in spelling Allison include Ellison, Allenson, Allyson, Alyson, MacAllister, Allinson, and Alenco. In Scotland in the southern region of Lanarkshire were where the Scottish Allison families are concentrated. Along the northeastern coastal region of England, in Durham, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is where most with the Allison surname live. In the United States Allison families are primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Texas. Famous: Dorothy Allison (novelist), Hudson Trevor Allison (born 1911, was the only survivor of his family on the RMS Titanic), Jason Allison (professional ice hockey player), Bobby Allison (professional race car driver) and John Fall Allison (19th century pioneer of British Columbia in Canada).

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