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Alvarez Family Name


A Spanish, Portuguese and Italian surname of Alvarez refers to the son of Alvaro or Alvar. It was a popular surname in Italy in the 10th and 11th centuries. The name means all true and protection.

Surname found in Latin American countries, especially Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, and Cuba.

Additional spelling forms are Alvaroz, Alvarino, Alvares, Alvaro, Alverino, Albarez and Albaroiz.
In England, most Alvarez families live in London and in Lancashire county.

The states of New York, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California have the highest percentage of those with the Alvarez surname.

Famous: Juan Alvarez (professional baseball player), Pablo S. Alvarez (footballer from Argentina), Wilson Alvarez (professional baseball player), Al Alvarez (British author), Clemente Alvarez (professional baseball player) and Maria F. Alvarez (tennis player from Bolivia).

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