Arnold Family Name


An English and German surname of Arnold originally was from the Frank name of ‘arnuwalda’ which meant powerful as an eagle. It can also refer to one with honor and who is faithful.

Spelling variations for Arnold include Ernold, Aernold, Errnold, Arrnold and FitzArnold.

The earliest Arnold families in England came from the Yorkshire region. From there it spread to neighboring Lancashire and then to the southeastern section of England around the city of London and into Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and Middlesex.

Scotland’s concentration of Arnold families is in the southwestern region. They are centered in Dumfries-shire, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire counties.

Within the United States the Arnold surname is primarily in Georgia, Washington, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kansas, California and Kentucky.

Famous: Eddy Arnold (singer), Jamie Arnold (professional basketball player), Benedict Arnold (General during American Revolutionary War), Richard R. Arnold II (U. S. astronaut), Vladimir Arnold (mathematician from Russia), Tom Arnold (actor and comic), Russel Arnold (cricket player from Sri Lanka), Henry H. Arnold (early aviation pioneer) and David Arnold (professional football player).

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