Autry Family Name


A French, Scottish and English surname, Autry comes from the Gaelic term ‘aghy’ which referred to a soldier. In French the name was De Autry. Variations in spelling Autry include Autrey, Autrie, MacAutry, McOrtry, Cautry and MacAughtrie. The greatest concentration of Autry family in England are along the eastern coast. Most are in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and Suffolk counties. Only in Midlothian County, Scotland are there many Autry individuals. Within the United States many Autry families reside in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas. Famous: Gene Autry (the ‘Singing Cowboy’ a record, film and television star and owner of a major league baseball team), Carlos Alan Autry (actor and professional football player), William ‘Chick’ Autry (professional baseball player), Kimberlee Autry (film actress) and Darnell Autry (professional football player).

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