Ayala Family Name


A Spanish and French surname the Ayala family name came from the Basque country in Spain close to the border with France. The name means hillside pasture.

Spelling variations for Ayala include Ayalla, de Ayala and Aya.

In England the Ayala family name is mostly centered in the city of London.
Ayala is a popular name in Spain and in several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. The name is also founded in the Philippine Islands.
Within the United States the name Ayala is mostly in Texas, Florida, Arizona and California.

Famous: Juan de Ayala (18th century Spanish explorer and sea captain who explorer northern California), Tony Ayala (champion boxer), Francisco Ayala (novelist), Eusebio Ayala (president of Paraguay), Luis Ayala (professional tennis player from Chile), Jaime Zobel de Ayala (founder of Ayala Corp. of the Philippines), Bobby Ayala (professional baseball player) and Ruben Ayala (footballer from Argentina).

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