Barber Family Name


An English and Scottish surname, the Barber family name is from the Old French term of ‘barbier’ and a Latin term of ‘barbarous. It refers to a beard. The occupation of a barber was to shave a male, cut hair and even perform surgery, including dentistry.

In England the Barber surname first appeared in Northumberland and Cumberland. Spelling variations of Barber include Barberton and Barbour. A Spanish form of Barber is Barbero, the French form is Barbier, the Italian form is Barbieri and the Portuguese form of Barber is Barbeiro. A German spelling for Barber is Bader.

The Barber surname in England is in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Essex, Kent, city of London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex and Derbyshire counties. There are some families with the barber surname in Wales. The areas of Aberdeenshire, Lanarkshire, Midlothian and Banffshire in Scotland have many families with the Barber name.

Within the United States the Barber surname is located mostly in the northeast section and in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan and Virginia.

Famous: William Barber (19th century chief engraver in the U. S. Mint), John Barber (auto racing driver), Red Barber (sports broadcaster), Tiki Barber ( professional football players), Marion Barber (professional football player), Ray Barber (singer), Eunice Barber (heptathlon and long jump champion from Sierra Leone and France), Andrea Barber (actress) and Alden G. Barber (chief Boy Scout Executive).

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