Baxter Family Name


An English surname, Baxter comes from the Middle English term of ‘bakester’ or ‘bakstere’ which meant one who baked foods. It has also been a varied form of the name Baker. Variations in spelling Baxter include Baxstare, Baxster, Bakster, Baxstar and Baxstair. In England the city of London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk have higher populations of the Baxter name. In Scotland the Baxter name is found in Lanarkshire and Midlothian. Within the United States the Baxter surname is found in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, California, Tennessee, Massachusetts and South Carolina. Famous: Brad Baxter (professional football player), Glen Baxter (English cartoonist), Billy Baxter (professional poker player), James Keir Baxter (New Zealand poet), John Baxter (English film director), Lonny Baxter (professional basketball player), Meredith Baxter (actress), Stephen Baxter (English science fiction writer), Virginia ‘Ginny’ Baxter (champion figure skater) and Les Baxter (musician and music composer).

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