Berry Family Name


An original Scottish and Irish name. Berry in the Old English was 'byrig' refers to a strong manor house. It can also suggest the owner of the manor or someone who lived near the manor. In France there was a former province named ‘Berry’ and people from there used the surname Berry.

Additional spellings include: Berrey, Berrie, Bury, Berrien, Barrie and Burry.

In England, the majority Berry families live in Lancashire county. In the United States they are in California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and from Ohio to Missouri.

In the 1880s most Berry family members were farmers.

Famous: Halle Berry (film actress), Chuck Berry (rock-n-roll guitarist, singer, and songwriter),
Albert Berry (first man in 1912 to parachute out of an airplane), Ken Berry (dancer, TV comedic actor and singer), Caspar Berry (world-class professional poker player), Brooke Berry (Canadian model and actress), Nick Berry (British television actor and musician) and Raymond Emmett Berry (football wide receiver for Baltimore Colts).

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