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An English surname, Bradshaw comes from the Old English terms “brad” and “sceage” which refer to a broad thicket or grove. The spelling variations for Bradshaw include Bradshay, Brayshaw, Brashaw, Bradshawe, Braidshaw and Bradshaigh. In England the earliest Bradshaw families lived in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire counties. Over the centuries they have resettled across England and Wales. The three areas with the highest Bradshaw populations are Yorkshire, Lancashire and the city of London. In Scotland the major area where Bradshaw families live in is Lanarkshire. They are also several in neighboring counties such as Angus, Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire. Within the United States Bradshaw families originated in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky and California. Famous: George Bradshaw (creator of the railway timetables for England), Terry P. Bradshaw (professional football player), Brent Bradshaw (comedy writer), Allison Bradshaw (professional tennis player), Harry Bradshaw (champion Irish golfer), Joe Bradshaw (professional baseball player), William Bradshaw (18th century English cabinet maker) and Robert Bradshaw (champion figure skater).

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