Brady Family Name


An Irish surname, the Brady family name comes from the Irish name of MacBradaigh, which means spirited. The original MacBradaigh and Bradaigh came from East Breifne in Ireland. There is a strong Brady family group in County Cavan.

Spelling variations for Brady include O’Bradigan, Bradie, Graidy, Braydy, Graydie, Gradie, O’Grady and Braidy.

In Ireland the Brady surname is the sixtieth most common name and fortieth most common in the Ulster region. In the County Cavan the Brady name is the third most popular name. An unusual characteristic of generations of Brady individuals in Ireland is their physical height, most 6 feet tall or higher.

In Scotland the Brady families live in Lanarkshire and Angus. In England most Brady families are in the northern region in Lancashire, Durham and Yorkshire.
The states of New York, Ohio, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have the greater numbers of Brady families in the United States.

Famous: Charles E. Brady, Jr. (U. S. astronaut), Cyprian Brady (civil servant and political candidate in Irish elections), James Brady (President Reagan’s press secretary), Mathew Brady (Civil War photographer), Peter R. Brady (19th century pioneer of Arizona), Wayne Brady (comic), Robert David Brady (sculptor) and Mike Brady (professional golfer).

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