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An English surname, Britt comes from the Old French terms ‘bret’ and ‘breton’ which referred to the Celtic-speaking people called the Britons or Bretons. The spelling variations for Britt include Brit, Brett and Bret. In England the originate settlers using the Britt surname lived in Essex in the southeast region. The name spread to many locations across England. The largest numbers of Britt are in Sussex, the city of London, Essex, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. In Scotland the couple locations for the Britt surname are Lanarkshire to the south and Moray to the northeast region. Within the United States the Britt families started in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi. Famous: Darren Britt (champion rugby player from Australia), Kris Britt (professional rugby player from Australia), Wesley Britt (professional football player), Jim Britt (sports broadcaster), Kenny Britt (professional football player), Chris Britt (cartoonist), May Britt (movie actress), King Britt (music record producer) and Elton Britt (singer).

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