Brooks Family Name


An English surname of Brooks comes from a brook or a small stream. The Old English term of ‘broc’ and the Middle English term ‘brokes’ all means brook.

Others spellings for Brooks include Brookings, Broke, Brook, Brooksbank and Brooking.

In England the Brooks name is mostly in Lancashire county and in London. There are some additional Brooks names to the east of London in Kent and Essex counties. In Scotland the Brooks name is primarily in Lanarkshire county. Within Australia and Canada the surname of Brooks is a common name.

Within the United States the Brooks surname is found in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Famous: Derrick Brooks (professional football player), Donald Brooks (fashion designer), Harry Brooks (music composer), Mel Brooks (actor, producer, writer and director of films), Romaine Brooks (artist), Tony Brooks (English auto racer), William Edwin Brooks (19th century Irish civil engineer) and John Brooks (19th century governor of Massachusetts).

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