Bryant Family Name


An English surname the family name of Bryant is from the name Bryan. It was originally an Old Norman name spelled 'brjan.'

Different spelling forms for Bryant include Bryane, Bryan, Briand, Brine, Byand and Briene.

In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, East Lothian and Midlothian have higher populations of families with the Bryant surname.

All along the southern region of England and into Wales the number of families with the Bryant surname are very high. The county of Gloucestershire and the city of London have the highest numbers.

The Bryant surname is very populated in the southern states of the United States. Most are in the states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Alabama.

Famous: Kobe Bryant (professional basketball player), Anita Bryant (singer), Rick Bryant (singer from New Zealand), Sarah Bryant (science fiction writer from Scotland), William C. Bryant (founder of the New York Medical College), Lane Bryant (fashion designer), Gridley Bryant (19th century invented railroad systems for commercial trains) and Bart Bryant (professional golfer).

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