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An English surname, Bullock, was from the Old English term of ‘bullok’ and ‘bulluc’ which meant a young bull steer. Variations in spelling for Bullock include Bulloch, Bulloc, Bullocks, Bullocke and Bullok. During the English Middle ages there was a movement of Bullock families to Ireland. Other English areas for remaining Bullock families are Lancashire, Yorkshire, city of London, Staffordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cheshire. In Scotland the Bullock families originated in Roxburghshire region. They have spread to Lancashire, Midlothian, Fife, Stirlingshire and Angus. Within the United States the states with many of the original Bullock families are New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, Indiana, California and Kentucky. Famous: Sandra Bullock (film actress), Harvey Bullock (film and television writer and producer), Wynn Bullock (photographer), Fred Bullock (footballer from England), Anna Mae Bullock (birth name for singer Tina Turner), Lawrence Bullock (playwright, actor and musician), Louis Bullock (professional basketball player), William Bullock (actor from England) and Seth Bullock (19th century sheriff of frontier town, Deadwood, SD).

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